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The University Of People New Scholarship 2023

University Of People

University of People is a non-profit institution. Therefore prospective students are demanded to complete their online application personally. The Institution state that third-party organizations are not permitted to submit student application on behalf of the University of the People out of the prospective student themselves

However, UoPeolpe is not responsible for services offered by third-party organizations on behalf of the University. Such service includes internet access, Study space, test proctoring, or other educational or administrative service or for fees or expenses charged for such service. Meanwhile, our prospective students are also encouraged to evaluate the use and cost of such services carefully. For your application process, you can click here

How to complete your study in Poland online Applcation

University of People’s online application is easy, quick, and simple to submit. However, it will only take you a few steps/moments simply by filling all the gaps with the appropriate information required. After going through this information, we believe that you already have a basic knowledge of the institution then you can proceed on the journey to your new future destination into our University of People.

Meanwhile, you should know that as an applicant of UoPeople, you will be connected with a personal Admission Advisor, he or she will also be available to guide you through every step and decision you will follow throughout the application process. Your Admission Advisor will be providing you with all questions or concerns you might need throughout the application process, to ensure your satisfaction.

  • This is the Admission Application quest that you will be asked to provide by the University of People.
  • Basic information such as your name, address, and date of birth.
  • Education history information: such as your high school qualification, bachelor’s degree(or equivalent) name, location, and completion dates.

Note: If you are an undergraduate applicant and you are unable to provide these details

  • English proficiency completion and score, if relevant.
  • One-time non-refundable Application Fee.

Offer of study in Poland Scholarship/Aids

University of the People provides financial support/aid before you offer any academic aid. The institution wishes to first know how much you can afford to provide for your entire degree program. The amount in the quote will not be charged at the point and will not be charged at once, it will be demanded only course by course as you proceed in your program.

For instance, When you applied for a bachelor’s degree in which you have to pass 40 courses, the total cost of the assessment fees for the degree will be $4,000. Therefore, the student can pay $2,000. The payment of #2,000 will cover 40 courses, Afterwards, $50 will complete at the end of the course, University of People,

University of People will not need to investigate if you are only pretending to need financial aid while you have relatives who may likely be of financial assistance to you. In other words, the institution will not ask for any financial information about you or your family or relatives.

Because the process is only based on humanitarian aid and trust is the reason for the entire program and is based on self-evaluation. All you are required to do is just the administration officials, why you need their help and they will always offer you their best aid available.

The University of People financial aid team will review your application and a response will be offered to you within a few days. Your request will be processed if you are successful and received a scholarship. However, the time taken for your aid application to be processed will depend on how close to the deadline you are and the volume of requests.

study in Poland

Application for the scholarship will deny you the ability to save a spot for the next term until our team has reviewed your application. If a student needs financial help, you can also apply for a scholarship as a student, during your studies years you find out about the University of People scholarship provision.

However, if you were not offered a scholarship, you either choose to pay on your own or wait for the following term. If you didn’t receive a scholarship due to insufficient funds, you may wait for the following term and the school will put you first in the next term’s University of the People scholarship process.

Meanwhile, the university does charge minimal assessment fees per course. These payments are made as you go with no commitment to remain sustainable.

University of the People is a tuition-free institution, this means that students are not required to pay school/tuition fees and they are not paid anything for their education instruction. The institution works hard to ensure that no student is denied the ability to study with UoPeople to financial. reason.

The University of the People has several types of scholarships available for those students of the university people who would otherwise not be able to afford them.

There are two options (Scholarship) in this step, you can choose to pay your course fees on your own only because the school is a tuition-free academic institution. Course payment is done course-by-course as you go and save your seat for the following academic semester. Or then you can require and apply for financial aid.

How to Apply for the University of People’s Admission

To be admitted to the University of the People study will start by taking the foundations Course. The University of the People Foundation course will offer the prospective student an understanding of the institution’s method of admission.

The Foundation program allows the students to assess which online learning is the best option for them. After finishing the Foundation program requirement for all UoPeople students.

Therefore, after finishing these courses, then you will be asked to bring proof of your high-school certification to show that you are eligible to enroll in the University and become a student in any of their select degree programs.

You must be up to 16 years of age or above. You are expected to have completed high school and must be able to read, write and understand English languages Click Here. You need to apply for admission online through the steps outlined below.

Therefore, after you must have chosen your admission pathway, you can then get ready to start studying at the University of the People. This online application process is easy, quick and so simple. In other words, with just a few short steps and by providing the institution with your basic information, you can begin the journey to your future with us.


During the UoPeople application procedure, you will be connected with a personal admission advisor, someone who will guide you through every single step of the application process.

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