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Top Dubai Government Scholarship 2023-2024

Dubai government scholarship

Study in Dubai government scholarship 2023, is an opportunity created and funded by the Dubai global fellowship/Saudi Arabia ( Dubai government ) for international students across the globe. Dubai Global Fellowship Scholarship in Saudi Arabia is a wonderful place for study opportunities for everyone.

So, if you wish to study under the (Saudi Arabia) Dudia government sponsorship has great and tremendous benefits. Individuals who are zealous about stressing further research and innovative studies should take advantage of this lifetime chance for quality education. Saudi Arabia is a country located in the middle east

Therefore, students who wish to study on a DudIai government scholarship require a study visa permit. The essence is that students are given short-term visas for the study programs which are normally 12 months or less. However, if the student’s visa is valid for only 12 months.

then the student must go back to the embassy to renew their visa at the end of every 12 months. That is to say, you will have to apply for a visa that will be valid for the full-time program that will enable you to stay without disturbance.

Study Requirements and Application

Dubai is a Saudi Arabia Country located in the Asian Continent, The nation is a wealthy country rich in many mineral resources like crude oil, gold mining, and more. Dubai is also preferred to be “The CITY OF GOLD”, its one of the largest countries in the United Arab Emirates. With her rich economy, and a major part of Dubai’s economy deals in gold trade

Every facility required in any standard university, college, and other educational institution will be available in all Universities in Dubai government. It’s environmentally friendly for all local and international students, making it students’ preferred country for high learning.

All Universities and Colleges that are listed for Dubai government scholarships are filled with all academic requirements providing all students with a sense of commitment toward their career pursuits. With a great campus motivational atmosphere where students interact, learn and explore higher education among multinational communities.

Dubai universities/college campuses offer courses such as Science, Engineering, Technology, Architecture, Aviation, Management, Business, Economics, Medical, Mass/Media, Computers, ITC, law, Natural Science, and more. offer

The benefit that attracts students Studying in Dubai

Dubai government Universities prepare all its students to come out as experts and professionals in their different scopes of endeavor after studying.

The Country is known to be a center for academic excellence. The Ministry of high education with the world organization of Researchers is adopting new projects to be launched in addition to the already existing fields of research.

With huge and multiple glamours in interior and exterior design building construction, making the school’s premises are beautiful to behold. Furthermore, the group of experienced professionals as academic lecture experts train all students well giving they chances to acquire job opportunities worldwide.

Reasons to Study in Dubai

  • The country has well established Education System
  • Universities in Dubai have modern infrastructure.
  • Dubai universities are one of the safest countries to live/study in.
  • There are low tuition fees and the cost of living in Dubai is far cheaper than in most developed countries like UK and USA.
  • The United Arab Emirates is considered one of the fastest-growing economies.
  • International students have great employment opportunities after studies
  • International Students experience a multicultural environment which is very valuable across the industry sector.
  • Most students come to study in Dubai because of the worldwide recognition of higher education.
  • It’s very easy for any international student who wishes to work to find full-time employment due to the high range of Dubai trade development, Commerce, and Infrastructure.

Study under Dubai government scholarship(Requirements)

Because so many Universities and Colleges admit international students into any course/department of their choice. Therefore the requirement must be fully adhered to before you can get admission into such an institution. Firstly, you should meet all the admission requirements.

The Eligibility Criteria, Student study Visa Permit. Henceforth, if you are not a National or citizen from any of the 5 different countries that constitute the United Arab Emirates then you have to start processing your visa alongside your admission. The United Arab Emirates is made up: of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Requirements are as follows:

  1. Eligibility Student Worldwide.
  2. A valid International or Government Passport
  3. Four Passport Photograph copies
  4. A recently captured white background photograph passport sized.
  5. Admission Offer letter received from UAE University.
  6. Student Bank statement for verification of funds.
  7. Proof of payment receipt of tuition fees for the current year of the study program.
  8. Copy of visa fee received for the current year of the study program.
  9. For Graduates, a postgraduate student has to show proof of their undergraduate degree
  10. Medical report to show that the student is healthy from Chest X-ray for HIV, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, Leprosy, Syphilis, or Tuberculosis.
  11. A tenancy agreement or proof of allocation of school hostel, but if the student is yet to have any place to stay, He must get a letter from University for accommodation.

Finally, if the student is tested positive for any of the diseases listed, he/she will be deported immediately except for syphilis. the student will be recommended for treatment.

How to Apply for a Study Visa for Dubai

Every international student wishes to be a student under a Dubai government scholarship or any of the United Arab Emirates countries. You will first request a study visa that will be valid for only 12 months, except you are for a visa that will cover your full-time program.

Because the United Arab Emirates is now a study destination for international students. As a student, you must renew your visa at the end of every 12-month period if your study program is longer than the time allocated to you. However, some students are given visas for less than 12 months. Follow this step as you apply for a study visa:

  • Students must fill out the visa application and attach a passport-sized photograph to it.
  • Before submitting your application make sure that the attached photograph meets the particular size/quality specification.
  • Be sure you complete the visa application by adding all the attached documents as per the checklist.
  • As you plan to submit your application at the Dubai embassy center.
  • On Visa approval, collect your visa copy from the application center.

How to get a work while studying in Dubai

You can earn good pay as a student on campus, you can get work in places
like Libraries, the Laundry department, or Administrative Offices within your school premises. Also, while engaging seriously with your academic activities you can still see where they can give you an opportunity to gain experience outside the classroom.

However, during sessions, most students work for 15 hours every day or 60 hours a month, or 20 hours a week. Also, during the summer break period, students can work 40 hours per week or even 160 hours per month. In other words, students will have to require permission from their University or College for part-time work to enable them to take care of some of their bills.

A part-time job is the main concern for most international student, Because, the United Arab Emirates provide off-campus part-time job opportunities for a student that is interested to work.

Benefits of the Dudai Government Scholarship

  • Candidates will be given a $75 Usd annual stipend.
  • Candidates will be provided with an independent annual research project budgeted around $45,000.
  • Candidates will be given free access to laboratories.
  • Candidates will be given living accommodation.
  • The candidate will be given a working facility.
  • Candidates will be given easy mentorship and leadership programs.
  • Candidates will be facilitated with medical insurance
  • Candidates will be given a traveling and relocation allowance.
  • Children and Schooling are covered.

How to Qualified for Application

Eligibility, you must be a Citizen of UAE OR an International Student.

The scholarship is created to help master’s degree holders with all the financial assistance they need to study for their doctoral degree program in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai government scholarship).

First, you must be an Undergraduate before you can apply for the Dubai government or be qualified to take part in the exercises.

This program is specially designed to enhance scientific students’ further careers in a research project on the critical global challenges related to the five countries that constitute the United Arab Emirates.

You are to be a researcher conducting your project with 4 to 5 years of research experience.

How to Apply for Dubai Government Scholarship

  • Create a personal email account
  • while creating your email address, use your original data, your personal address, your education, details of the schools and institutions you have attended previously, your full name with your qualification, etc.
  • Provide all your specialization and job experience, your choice of course/degree program, your current and recent job positions, names of the organizations you have worked with, your employer name, etc
  • provide two best publications you have researched, the article title, publication type, the title of publication, and the date.
  • Give detail of your two referees, their names, position, organizations, and email address.
  • Fill and complete all the required fields that are on the Scholarship registration portal.
  • Complete your registration request carefully and submit it.

Documents required to be submitted along:

  1. Scholarship Host Pi Letter.
  2. 3 Research Proposal
  3. Two Publication
  4. 2 Two articles Publication
  5. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  6. Valid Passport

Conclusion on Dubai Government Scholarship

This program is specially designed to enhance scientific students’ further careers in a research project on the critical global challenges related to the five countries that constitute the United Arab Emirates. To receive the fully funded tuition-free scholarships under the Dubai government scholarship, the applicant is required to possess excellency performance in their academic credential.

These qualifications of the applicants are discovered through pre-scholarship tests/examinations and all the qualified student must maintain their academic excellence to succeed at the Dubai government scholarship(UAEU). Meanwhile, the fully funded tuition scholarship will provide the student financial aid in the form of a 100% tuition waiver to retain the scholarship offer.

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