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Top10 Nursing Colleges in Canada 2024

Nursing Colleges

With the force of working in your life, you are to get on horseback and discover top-ranked universities and nursing colleges as we take you around on this platform. Welcome to a multicultural cosmopolitan like Canada, which is considered to be the most preferred destination to study prospective nursing colleges, among international students.

Whenever you think of studying nursing college abroad, we want to show you various medical schools in Canada where you can get a high-quality program and global exposure to equip you with the knowledge and skill to become a part of the backbone of the field of your career.

However, if you are looking or planning to offer a diploma in Nursing College or full-fledged degree programs when you want to pick the best school to further your education from a broad range of courses in any of the nursing schools in Canada.

Table of content

  1. What is Nursing Science?
  2. Who is a Nurse?
  3. Why Study Nursing in Canada?
  4. Cost of Studying Nursing in Canada
  5. Top Nursing Courses in Canada List
  6. Eligibility Requirements
  7. Application Process
  8. Required Documents
  9. Top Universities Offering Nursing Courses in Canada
  10. Summary

Meanwhile, this blog article is bringing your way a complete academic guide on Nursing courses in Canada and other top-ranked medical universities, eligibility criteria, and how to apply for admission. Canada happens to be the right destination for international students who have to prefer Canada for their studies.

What is Nursing Science?

Nursing Science is a basic science with the different nursing colleges of thought that constitute the substantive knowledge of the discipline. However, Nursing science is presented that is broad enough to encompass all other disciplinary knowledge. Notwithstanding, the current challenges faced by the profession it’s still an optimistic vision is emerging.

Also, Nursing colleges, Nursing theorists, and other nurse scholars who are furthering the development of this work are considered to be the cultural creatives of nursing and the branch of the medical area has contributed in a large aspect towards wholeness in science and society

Who is a Nurse?

Nursing Colleges are professional career where individuals who are passionate about practicing nursing science as their profession, and healthcare worker who has special training and study to function in different categories of healthcare facilities to attend to people.

A nurse is an essential part of recovering sick or diseased people, by offering vital lessons and teaching how to help patients to prevent sickness and diseases. Nursing Colleges are where individuals with a passion to offer healthcare are trained to promote and advocate for health and well-being.

Therefore, they are people who educate patients and the public on how to prevent illness/diseases and also treat injury. He or she is someone who provides health care and assistance to administer drugs or treatment to cure and participate in rehabilitation. Also, a nurse has the responsibility to offer caregivers and supports to take care of toddlers or aged people.

Why Study Nursing in Canada

We want to explain to you several reasons why ranked Canada is the best among many other locations in the world for a high level of academic excellence which causes lots of students to be both local and international students like studying at Canada Nursing College.

Studying in a Canadian nursing college also help student local and international student because the qualification obtained in Canada has a high rank which has increased their chances of receiving great medical jobs across the globe and in other health-related fields.

These among others are part of the things to look into when choosing the top 10 rank nursing college in Canada and read till the end to find out how to apply as a citizen or international student to have the same experience.

How Canada Nursing College is Top Ranked

Nursing universities and colleges, top-ranked schools are been considered based on the number of courses offered by the institution with different specializations and the degree level offered by the top colleges. Nursing programs are the level, or stages/categories.

For example, students can choose from a certificate or diploma program to a doctorate in varied specializations in this field. The following is a list of some of the top specialization that is available for the Nursing course in Canada.

Reasons to Study Nursing in Canada

  • With many of its universities featured at the top ranking university, One of the choice places (countries) to attend nursing college study in the world is Canada.
  • Canada is the home to the world’s top nursing colleges and universities, where outstanding facilitation and education, and training offer the best globally, recognized degrees in Nursing college
  • Canada Nursing College and training are focused on disease prevention, special attention to illness treatment, curing different diseases with medical equipment, and so on
  • Nursing colleges and universities are regularly inviting and admitting students from across the globe. Because nursing is among the top most demanding profession of all human endeavors. Due, to the fact that nursing science contributes greatly to safeguarding human life and disease prevention.
  • Moreover, special attention is paid to the career, Medical outfits, and Canadian nursing medical college offer aid and scholarship sponsorship by private and government to both Canadian citizens and international students
  • Canadian medical Nursing science universities and nursing schools of health are always engaging in renewed medical research and practice for their students with international collaborations with different health organizations from across the world. However, that is done to provide her students with the best exposure to international standards

Nursing College Courses in Canada

  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Midwifery and Nursing
  • Nursing Assisting
  • International Nursing
  • General Nursing
  • Practical
  • Pre-health Science
  • Critical Care Nursing
  • Nursing Specialists
  • Cardiac Nursing
  • Emergency Nursing
  • Gastroenterology Nursing
  • Public Health
  • Psychiatric Nursing
  • Medical-Surgical

Nursing universities and colleges, top-ranked schools are been considered based on the number of courses offered by the institution with different specializations and the degree level offered by the top colleges. Nursing programs are the level, or stages/categories.

For Example, students can choose from a certificate or diploma program to a doctorate in varied specializations in this field. The following is a list of some of the top specialized courses offered by Nursing Medical Science that is available for Nursing course in Canada.

Bachelors53,000 to 170,[INR 30 Lakhs to INR Lakhs]
Masters80,000 to 180,000[INR 46 Lakhs to INR 1.3cr]
On-CampusVaries from one university to another
Off-Campus400-3,000 per month[INR 21K-1.62 Lakhs]
Travel80-110 per month[INR 4K-5K]
nursing college

Top Nursing Course in Canada List

Now that you are familiar with the top specialization available, let’s take a look at the major types of Nursing Courses in Canada:

BachelorPhD degree in Nursing
Master LevelMaster in Nursing Science (MSN) or (Master in Nursing(MN) or. Master in Applied Science in Nursing (MASc) offers graduate diploma degree and degree certificate
Ph.D. degree in Nursing

Under these diploma and degree programs, here is a complete list of top Nursing Courses in Canada:

Top Nursing CourseCourse Duration
Diploma in Practical Nursing2 Years
Diploma in Psychiatric Nursing2 Years
Bachelor’s in Nursing[BN]2 Years
Bachelor of Science in Nursing. [BSN]3 or 4 Years
Graduate Certificate in Enhanced Nursing1 Year
Ontario College Graduate Certificate inAcute Complex for Internationally Educated Nurse1 year
Specialty Nursing-High Acuity, Bsc1 Year
Master of Nursing (MN)2 Years
Master of Science in Nursing [MSN]2 Years
Master of Nursing Primary Health Care2 Years
Nursing Practitioner2 Years
Master of Science in Nursing Specialization in Feminist and Gender Studies2 Years
Master of Science in Experimental Surgery2 Years
Master of Public Health in Nursing2 Years
Combined Master of Nursing/Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate2 Years
Ph.D. in Nursing5 years

Eligibility Requirements

Find out The complete details about nursing colleges and eligibility requirement issues. So, now you can know what you should be looking forward to before applying for any Nursing program in Canada. Therefore, candidates must fulfill the admission requirement specified by their chosen, school, college, and university.

Though these course requirements might vary as per program and university, we have listed down the general eligibility criteria and document checklist you must keep in mind while applying for Nursing courses in Canada:

  • For a bachelor’s degree in Nursing courses in Canada, the candidate must have completed their graduation in high school or equivalent with Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are the main subjects that are expected in the 12th level.
  • For master’s degree courses, candidates must have a registered nurse license with a four-year bachelor’s degree in nursing in addition to other eligibility criteria. However, a nursing institution may require that the applicants must have clinical experience for at least a year
  • For those doctoral-level programs, the candidate must have a master’s degree in nursing or any equivalent
  • Furthermore, you will also have to present proof of language proficiency score of IELTS/TOEFL/PTE. etc. Along with these, for those applying for Ph.D. programs, some nursing colleges or universities may request a GRE score and a bachelor’s degree
  • However, you may have to undertake the CASPer exam, i.e. Computer-Base Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics which is considered compulsory by many academic institutions in Canada.

Nursing College Application Process

  • Visit the college’s official website.
  • Go to the eligibility requirements
  • Check the institution notice curriculum to find your intended course
  • Select the program you will by clicking on the application form.
  • Create an account using your mobile phone number.
  • Wait/expect sms or email to verify your registration with login details.
  • Enter the login detail that was sent to type your data, e.g. (full name, gender, and date of birth).
  • Enter your academic qualifications and the category of your need.
  • Upload all the required documents and the space.
  • Select the course you are applying for
  • Pay for application form(payments are made by debit/credit card or internet)
  • The application fee differs for every university, college, and School of nursing.
  • Submit your application form( visit your email to check for notification)
  • You should prepare ahead for a virtual interview by the institution if you are accepted.


A person who cares for the sick prevents disease, or infirm. A licensed healthcare worker who practices public health or independent practitioner as a physician. A nurse is anyone who possesses skill or passion in promoting and maintaining the health of health-challenged individuals.

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