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Nigeria’s Best Insurance Companies With Websites And Addresses 2023

Nigeria's Best Insurance Companies

Nigeria’s best insurance companies are those companies that provide assurance to every customer of the necessary trust that they required for special protection from financial loss in which, you pay fees to an insurance company to backup or aid their goods/life against any damage or loss of such properties or health.

We are trying to help you to understand that an insurance company that customizes any property report basis your exact uses of such a concept then issues the requirements fees pertaining to protection insights that are needed to ensure the person or property.

Insurance provides Innovation updates, strategy and planning, and competitive intelligence in other to stand the market competition. You can also avail of the option of purchasing stand-alone sections of the report or request for a country-specific report.

However, Insurance industries assist individuals, organizations, and institutions/companies to prevent the total loss of their investments and properties against the potential risk that could make them lose everything by the platform of restocking, goods if any damage occurs, rebuilding if a house destroys, or buying any equipment when they damage and health care for those under health insurance.

There are two major Types of Insurance they include:

  • Life Insurance (Health insurance)
  • General Insurance (Property insurance)

An insurance company is an institution that is situated as a company whose business as a (party insurance company goes into an agreement to compensate another company(eg, transportation company, Cooperative company, etc) at particular fees in the event of certain loss damage, or injury.

Similarly, an insurance company is a form of risk management, that is a business primarily for financial, backup to insured property, aid/assistance, or hedge against the risk of damages, unexpected accidents, or uncertain loss.

Nigeria’s Best Insurance Companies is an insurance policy is a written contract between the policyholder (the person or property that is enjoying the insurance policy) while the insurer (an insurance company) gets paid off if the property is sold off or complete the agreed period without any loss or damage. Property is sold off or completed within the agreed period without any loss or damage.

There is few/low penetration of Insurance companies in Nigeria like most African Countries, through economy research we found out that yet there are still a few of Nigeria’s best insurance companies that operate outside the coast reasons for the poor penetration, are first lack of awareness of the value of these Nigerian Best Insurance Companies and low financial inclusion that are involved in insurance life and properties.

Therefore, as a result of this, you will find many if not all multinational corporations that are been insured by foreign insurance companies. This page contains a comprehensive report analysis that distributes different channels of Insurance industries operation and its segment, it will as well offer you an overview of the national economy and the demographics of Nigeria nation.

Furthermore, the articles have produced detailed information on the competitive landscape in the Country so let us begin to uncover Nigeria’s best insurance companies together with their different websites and location addresses.

Nigeria’s Best Insurance Companies With Websites And Addresses

Every business may/can get involved in some unforeseen circumstances, this is one major reason it is necessary for you to register for any of Nigeria’s best insurance Companies (industries) through the institution for properties.

We you are planning to choose Nigeria’s best Insurance Companies we are here to help you with the four most important factors through which you can make your decision they are.

The Industry Coverage:

It’s very important to know the wide range of coverage of any insurance company before getting you general or life insurance from them, most new or weak inexperience insurance companies may have the capacity to insure a property, for instance, is the insurance company that covered titanic ship which folded up after paying for the damages of the ship.

2. Legal Acceditation (Lincense of Operation)

The Nigerian government is first to evaluate the legal acceptability of any insurance companies before they are issued a certificate/license of operation, so while trying to register consider if they possess all criteria necessary because insurance is an industry that covers the present generation and others yet to come in existence. So it’s a life engagement.

3. The Company’s Image (Reputation)

Customers most time work with other previous customer experience the company’s track record should offer new intending to insurance because a wise word said “If you satisfy one customer you will get one more customer but when you are dissatisfied with one customer you will lose 10 customers.

Therefore, you should study through the internet or means to review Nigeria’s best insurance companies and top news about the insurance industry’s brand before registering with the company.

4. Financial Strength and Price Factor

Considering The financial strength and rating the companies resource to gather sufficient information. It’s very important to find out how the insurance company fares during an unstable economy to know how the institution upon which either your life or assured business establishment depends.

After considering the price factor as well determine if the insurance price is good for you then go for it if it’s not you may decide to look for a better offer.

1. ALLCO Insurance Plc

ALLCO Insurance Plc is an insurance, pension, management, and asset management Group established in 1963. It is of the top insurance companies in the country. Its key focuses are on General insurance and special risks, Life assurance and annuity, Health insurance, Asset management, and Pension management.

  1. Companies’ provision policies offer:
  2. Income investment plan
  3. Three payment plan
  4. Travel Insurance
  5. Corporate Saving Plan
  6. Educational investment plan
  7. Flexible endowment plan
  8. Term assurance plan
  9. Electronic equipment policy plan

2. Leadway Assurance

This insurance industry provides both general business insurance and life (health) and pension services. Leadway Assurance offers allied financial services including Secured Credit, Bonds, Miscellaneous financial losses, and portfolio management.

This insurance industry provides both general business insurance and life (health) and pension services. Leadway Assurance offers allied financial services including Secured Credit, Bonds, Miscellaneous financial losses, and portfolio management.
Different online programs are where activities of Leadways Assurance operate and they have computerized many of their functions to boost their effectiveness.

  1. Family Benefit plan
  2. Lead way saving plan
  3. Term assurance plan
  4. Money policy
  5. Educational Saving plan
  6. Personal Saving plan
  7. Deferred Annuity plan

3. Custodian and Allied Insurance

Custodian and Allied are among Nigeria’s best Insurance Companies that offer a high range of insurance plans to choose from. Each plan is tailored to the needs of its clients.

The services they provide

  • Investment plus plan
  • Immediate annuity plan
  • Tuition protection plan
  • Auto insurance plan
  • Travel insurance plan
  • Capital plan

Cornerstone Insurance Company PLC

Cornerstone Insurance was initially incorporated as a private limited liability insurance industry as early as July 1991 but later converted into a public liability as the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) tagged it.

Cornerstone has made a great organization prestige for herself since its installation as one of top Nigeria’s best insurance companies through her dedication by putting their client’s interest as a top priority in life and habitations protections as well as solutions provided to issues like damage revival/restoration to affected issued clients.

The insurance policies Cornerstone provides are as follows:

  1. Life insurance plan
  2. Home Insurance
  3. School fee guarantee plan
  4. Good in-transit plan
  5. Motor insurance plan
  6. Gadget protection plan
  7. Travel insurance plan
  8. Investment plan
  9. Halal Takaful plan
  10. Annuity plan
  11. Marine insurance plan

Cornerstone which is among the top of Nigeria’s best insurance companies certifies clients’ insurance on effectively everything that they are involved in the company’s arrangement to make it infallible that they dont lose or miss any portion of either their activities, home, business, car, etc.

5. AXA Mansard Insurance Company

The AXA Mansard is a subsidiary of AXA Insurance Group which happens to be a major insurance player and skirt maker as well as asset management.AXA Mansard alongside AXA Group insurance companies has so far

provided more than 700 clients from across the globe, AXA Mansard is of Nigeria’s Best Insurance Companies and has been in the insurance business to serve individuals especially Nigerians and Foreigners by providing solutions to them in general and public insurance.

The company offers the following insurance policies

Student protection/Fees plan

Autoflex plan

Retirement plan

Equity income plan

Auto classic plan

Money market plan

Life-saving plan

Health plan

Instant plan

Easy care plan

General (business/tourism) protection plan.

6. African Alliance Insurance Plc

The insurance incorporation was established as early as May 1960. This insurance Plc company has a reputation for being efficient and trustworthy in life Assurance. However, African Alliance has personalized its insurance products tailored to each stage of their client’s life.

African Alliance Offer insurance policies on:

  • Investment assurance plan
  • Individual debit plan
  • Direct debit form plan
  • Group life assurance plan
  • Annuity assurance plan
  • Esusu plan

7. ALLCO Insurance Plc

ALLCO Insurance Plc is an insurance, pension, management, and asset management Group established in 1963. It is of the top insurance companies in Nigeria. The company’s key focuses are on General insurance and special risks, Life assurance and annuity, Health insurance, Asset management, and Pension management.

Companies’ provision policies offer:

Income investment plan

Three payment plan

Travel Insurance

Corporate Saving Plan

Educational investment plan

Flexible endowment plan

Term assurance plan

Electronic equipment policy plan.

8. Goldlink Insurance Plc

At the initial level of organization, Goldlink Insurance Company was then a private limited Liability Company in April 1992 but, later converted into a public Liability Company on May 11, 2007, and was listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange by an introduction on 12 2008.

After several evaluations, the Nigeria trade commission licensed Goldlink Insurance Plc for both Life and General insurance. This incorporation issue automobile insurance, Fire and Special Perils, Home Insurance, Oil, Life, occupation(pension), and Travel Insurance.

The Goldlink Insurance Policies include:

  1. Life/Health insurance plan
  2. School (Educational) Safety Insurance plan
  3. Compulsory Insurance plan
  4. OIL and Gas Insurance Plan
  5. Engineering Insurance
  6. Accident plan
  7. Fire Insurance
  8. Individual Life Insurance plan
  9. Reinsurance plans
  10. Liability Policies
  11. Marine&Aviation plan
  12. Motor Insurance plan

9. Continental Insurance Company

Continental Insurance is the private sector leader of the pan-African insurance industry. The Company provides life and non-life insurance solution to its client across the Continent.

Continental Insurance offers the following policies:

Business Insurance plan

Insurance plan

Auto Insurance plan

Home Insurance plan

Pet Insurance plan

10. Industrial and General Insurance plc

The insurance company was incorporated as a private limited liability company on October 31, 1991. The Company got registered as a public limited liability company in 2007. After that, they commenced operations in life and General insurance. Similar, to Pensions and Special Risk in January 1992.

The policies they offer are

  • Group Life Product plan
  • Mobile phone Insurance plan
  • Aviation Insurance plan
  • Engineering Insurance plan
  • General Business Insurance plan
  • Health Insurance Plan
  • Marine Insurance Plan
  • Oil & Energy

All these Nigeria’s best insurance Companies that we have mentioned above are indeed trustworthy insurance companies in the National, especially Allianz Nigeria Insurance. This is because they have been proven over and over again, so you have nothing to fear because we are recommending any of them to you.

First Insurance Company in Nigerian

Royal Exchange Assurance Agency was established in 1918 being the first insurance company in Nigeria. Similarly, African Insurance Company Limited happens to be the first and oldest indigenous insurance company in Nigeria.

However, the African Insurance Company Limited began offering her insurance service operations in early 1958

What are the types of best insurance companies?

Nigeria’s best insurance companies include industries like Royal Exchange Assurance Agency, Lloyds of Londo, Stock companies, Mutual Companies, Alien, Domestic, Direct, Captives, Excess lines, and Standard lines.

The key segments of Nigeria’s best insurance companies are first Life insurance and General insurance. The general insurance segment dominates the total insurance companies.
General Insurance includes commercial general insurance such as property insurance, Miscellaneous, MAT, motor insurance, personal accident, and health insurance.


Insurance industries assist an organization to exploit their growth, However, despite the slowdown of the economy especially with the Government of Nigeria’s approval of new insurance law that provides coverage for business owners and people’s life under health insurance.

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