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How To Apply For Federal Government Home Program 2023

Federal government Home Program 2023 calls for interested citizens who are qualified civil savants to apply for the relief program arranged to ease the burden of accommodation on the current National Housing Programme (NHP) 2023. The applications which are of different categories are as follows, One-bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 3- bedroom apartments.

Consequently, those interested can visit the NHP online portal to apply. Meanwhile, all the requirement, eligibility, and necessary documents to secure a space on the government home program are listed as follow in this post so, let us get started now. How To Apply for Federal in Government Home Program 2023

National Housing Programme Application process

The core priority of the National Housing program is to create suitable and affordable accommodation for staff, civil savants, and citizens. This government home program is to reduce the stress they go through due to house challenges ranging from the far distance, and transportation issues faced by millions of Nigerian people who are yet to secure a home of their own.

How to apply for the National Housing Scheme, Before proceeding with your applications carefully read the lines well enough to understand the conditions and eligibilities. The Federal government house program has appointed maintenance and facilities that will manage all the housing estates in all states across the Federation.

Application Conditions

As you look forward to applying do not be too quick you make mistakes suddenly, learn to understand all down rules, terms, and conditions of the governing home program first. Before you rush to apply for the National Housing Programme, let us know these important pieces of information which will guide us through Below are the full details of the condition of NHP 2023:

  • Application fee is non-refundable #10,000.
  • Payable Charge of #10,000, not a guarantee of getting a space but an application form
  • The cost of a build ranges between #7 million to #16.19 million.
  • Involves outright mortgage payment
  • The cheapest apartment will cost # 7.2 million
  • The highest apartment is about #16.19 million
  • The highest apartment cost #16.19 million which is a three-bedroom bungalow that has landing property around the premises
  • There are blocks of flats apartment arranged in bedrooms apartments but no additional land around
  • There are slight price differences in the blocks of flats in the river and swampy areas of the Edo and Bayelsa estates.

How to apply for the government home program which is prepared under the management of the National Housing Scheme, below are the list of required document for the mortgage process

  1. Completed application form
  2. Photocopy of title documents
  3. Current valuation report on the Proposed government home program for buy or bills of quantities(BOQ) for the house built.
  4. Three years Tax Clearance certificate.
  5. Evidence of NHF participation.

Applications For Government Home Program Eligibility and Requirement.

Here are the requirements for the Government Home Program

  • Recent digital passport photographs must be in JPEG or PNG format.
  • Keep your Tax Clearance or payment slip up to date in a PDF format
  • A digital copy of the mean of Identification which must be in PEG or PNG format
  • ( National ID, Voters card, Drivers Licence, International Passport)
  • If you’re a Mortgage subscriber, you need a letter of recommendation from any Primary Mortgage Bank.
  • Evidence of a 10 percent initial deposit, will be applied to Mortgage Subscribers only. If you are making an outright payment, You only need evidence of payment, like a deposit or transfer slip.
  • Application Process of the New Government Home Program

Before you are considered eligible as a beneficiary of the federal government homes and property program being dispatched by the National Housing Programme, carefully take note and follow the simple steps below which will guide and lead you into a successful process.

  • Visit the home page of the federal house program portal http.www,
  • Select your location by choosing the state where you want your home to be sited, and select the categories of buildings/rooms you want.
  • Then click on “Apply” to register an account if that is your first attempt.
  • Check your inbox for a validation code to verify your email account, then enter the sent code back into the space and Click continue to verify your email”
  • Take Note! You need to wait for a period of 9 hours before you get the validation code.
  • After email validation Fill in all the required personal information in the space provided.
  • Make a payment of #10,000 as an application form fee into the Government Home Program account with the National Housing Scheme in their bank account after you have submitted your application.
  • The Federal Ministry of Work and Housing will review your application and send messages to you through your email to notify you if the application was successfully accepted.

After the email, you should wait to discover if your application was approved but this can only be possible if you have made a payment authorization for the desired property then if approved it will be sent to your doorstep.

  • Make an Outright payment for the exact property you require or an alternate one if your eligibility isn’t over for sure or you can speak to the accredited Mortgage Bank to get Mortgage advice or your payment of the property
  • After the application process, wait for your letter of allocation it is a buy and pack-ib process.
  • Therefore, the very moment your application is completed, approved, and payment made, you can then visit the portal to check the status of your application or go to the National Housing Authority for further inquiries

Bottom Line

The Federal House Program is part of National intervention from the Ministry of Housing to subsidize the high cost of houses for average Nigerians, This Government Home Program is meant especially for civil society groups like government workers. It is not similar to the activities of the real estate companies who are all in to make money but the National Housing scheme is to reduce the high cost of accommodation across all states of the federation.

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