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Jobs in Sweden 2023, How To Apply As A New Teacher

jobs in Sweden

How to get teaching jobs in Sweden, when you wish to get your dream job in Sweden either for the public or private sector. Applying for a teaching job in Sweden is not stressful when you know the proper and necessary things to need and are ready to offer.

You should search for teaching vacancies through Public Employment Agency the Swedish Agency, they are the organization (agency) that prepares the list of job vacancies that demand occupations for job seekers to apply for jobs In Sweden.

However, you should know that Sweden is not an English-speaking country. Teaching job for English languages is a job that is in high demand in the country. To apply for a teaching job in Sweden, you first need to study the areas that are categories like subjects or courses where teachers are needed.

Writing Application/Cover letter

Then you will submit your CV and cover letter electronically (online) to a school/institution. Having filed all the required and necessary documents which include your contact email address and mobile phone number. Thereafter, you should continually check your email and text messages to know if you have been enlisted for the job interview.

Applying for teaching jobs in Sweden you should make sure that follow a standard of job application letter processing. That is to say, you have to carefully check the criteria, and you will need to add your cover letter. Understanding what a cover letter means will enhance your application letter and how to write it. A Cover letter or letter of application is a single page that sums up why you want and reasons why you should be offered the teaching job.

Also, on your cover letter, you should think of it as an extension of your resume, as a teacher you have to state why you should be employed as the perfect candidate. However, in these articles, we have put together step-by-step guides with self-explanatory examples and tips on how you can prepare a cover letter or letter of application for teaching jobs in Sweden.

With this guide, you can be sure that you soon be receiving your dream job on your own. In Sweden finding a teaching job is challenging because many populations in Sweden citizens speak English fluently that is why I can say that getting a teaching job in English as their foreign language can be challenging.

The Interview

However, for teaching jobs, the interview may be conducted through phone calls and online written interviews over the internet or video call through social media like Zoom, Skype, telegram, etc. In the interview, we encourage job seekers to be prepared to answer questions related to and those that are not directly related to the job they are looking for and to be versatile in knowledge.

Sometimes, they will ask you questions related to other countries’ economic crises and current affairs. You may be asked questions about previous work, family, Marital status and what you do after work (in your spare time) your hobbies, and more.

Meanwhile, applying for teaching jobs in Sweden, what you are supposed to submit as part of your application should be determined by which position you are seeking and the roles, it will vary because it’s sector. That is to say, you should reach out to the employer before proceeding with your application to be able to know if you fit into the available open vacancy and what they need.

How to Become a Teacher in Sweden

However, to apply for teaching jobs in Sweden with visa sponsorship you will have to increase your chances of finding a position you need to look for opportunities in cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg, or Malmo. This is because the majority of Swedish schools are funded by the government, although the number of publically funded and independent schools is also increasing number.

That is to say, private own schools cater to their schools themselves yet they cater to the business market looking to boost their career prospects. Many citizens in Sweden about 12 million people of their populations speak fluent English. Therefore, finding a teaching job in English as a foreign language can be challenging.

Here in Sweden, you have to be highly qualified in teaching as the profession is regulated to ensure a good quality and high standard of teaching across the Swedish nation. Notwithstanding, a couple of good contacts in the industry will also make you stand out in good stead.

Also, we urge you to adopt the technics of extra training opportunities as many large institutions in the country offer summer training opportunities. To become a teacher in Sweden you need to poses the following qualifications and experience. Click here to learn more

  • A bachelor’s degree( or equivalent)
  • A TEFL certificate
  • Adequate proficiency in Swedish We will also recommend that you contact Sweden Employment Agency to assist you with seeking jobs in Sweden. Because they will help prepare you as a perfect prospective individual.

Sweden 2023 job opportunities for Foreigners

For a private school position, you may be expected to have a business background and be fluent in the Swedish language too not just in the English language. Then, if you have a teaching qualification from the UK but if it’s in your home country, you would have to engage in further training before applying for Swedish teaching certification through the National Agency for Education (solleret).

Swedish Visa

Following the UK’s departure from the EU, the rules for UK citizens traveling to EU countries changed in January 2021. However, you can travel to countries in the Schengen Area (which includes Sweden) for0 up to 90 days in any 180 periods without a visa. Meanwhile, if you plan to jobs in Sweden as a teacher, or you would stay in the country for three months, you need to apply for a job permit.

Therefore, if you are from other countries outside European Union, you will then have to apply for a work permit before you even arrive in the country. The one-year working holiday visa is an exception to this rule, but it’s only available for citizens of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Korea between the ages of 18 and 30

Simple Ways to Apply for Teaching Jobs in Sweden with Visa 2023

However, when you want to apply for a career in the country, you are supposed to first start applying for a work permit. Because it’s only when you have the work permit that you will be allowed to stay as long as the period that the permit allows.

You can check current waiting times for teaching application processing with the Swedish Migration Agency, although you should apply as early as you can to allow for delays. Therefore, since are planning to stay for a year or move then, you have to join the Swedish Population Register, which you can do by visiting your local tax office in the country.

If you are not a citizen of the European Union, then, every job seeker needs to move to Sweden without obtaining a work permit or visa. As long as you hold a valid European Union passport, you can enter the country with or without an official offer of employment.

Language Requirement

Firstly, you should know that Sweden’s official language is the Swedish language, not English but compulsory for all Swedish students. Particularly in larger cities, such as Stockholm and Gothenburg, you won’t need to be fluent in Swedish. First, every teacher who wishes to work in Sweden then, you should Study the Sweden language to be able to learn Swedish.

However, it’s worth having at least a grasp of the language, as this will help you to successfully integrate with your community. Consider taking a free beginner’s course in Swedish before you arrive.

How to explain your teaching qualification to Swedish employers.

Everyone seeker jobs in Sweden should find that, in most instances, their qualification must be comparable to their Swedish equivalent if they must get a teaching job in the country. Therefore, you should be ready to prepare before applying for teaching jobs in Sweden at least with a recognized qualification that your employers will the satisfied with to trust you with the job.

Meanwhile, you can check with other people to find out if you must get your qualification evaluated, like firstly getting work in a regulated profession that will enable you to always visit the Swedish Council for Higher Education to increase your chances of gaining your dream teaching job

Secure Jobs in Sweden

To get teaching jobs in Sweden in 2023, Sweden as a nation does not have a national minimum wage as some EU countries have. They pay workers by deciding their collective bargaining between trade or labor unions and other employers.

However, How to apply for teaching jobs in Sweden with visa sponsorship is to guide in the direction you should follow by providing adequate information to help increase your chances of getting the job. This means you stand a chance to discuss with your employee during the period of secissio0n-making processes and also have regular contact with your manager.

However, the condition of whether or not you can be employed as a full-time worker or not will be determined by the work permit that you were issued. So, full-time workers in Sweden are entitled to a minimum of 25 day’s leave annually, regardless of their position or occupation, or age


Finally, when you work part-time, your leave is calculated to ensure you receive the equivalent of what full-time workers do. Meanwhile, workdays for teachers are usually 8 am or 9 am to 5 pm. Swedish Parliament has stipulated a limit of a 40-hours working week but the average is approximately 35 hours per week, that is Sweden’s 13 public holidays.

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