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How To Apply for Federal Government Student Loans 2023

All You need to know about Nigeria’s new law of Federal Government Student Loans since it was signed into law, let us see mixed reactions which have trailed the Access to Higher Education into law as an act, 2023 then passed into law.

The simple steps and things you need to know about Federal government student loans are listed in this post, The reason, why you need to understand it, is that ignorance of any loan Act backed by federation law is not an excuse For any defrauding Citizen or individual parents or members of the loan governing committee.

Table of Content Federal Government Student Loans Arrangement of sections

  1. Student Loans and how to access higher education
  2. Equal right to access loans
  3. Purpose of the loans
  4. Requirements for the Loans
  5. Establishment of the Nigerian Education Loan Funds
  6. Functions of the Funds
  7. Membership of the Special Committee
  8. Tenure of Office
  9. Cessation from Office
  10. Power to alter or give directive
  11. Allowance and expenses
  12. Sources of the Fund
  13. Aims and Objectives of the Fund
  14. Eligibility of applicants
  15. Method of application
  16. Disbursement
  17. Repayment
  18. Application of the Public Officers Protection Acts
  19. Annual report
  20. Repeal and saving provisions
  21. Interpretation
  22. Citation

Student Loans and how to access to higher education

The reason why you have to clearly understand is if you fail to play by the rules there is a huge penalty behind for those who defaulted. Start from forgery, fault claims, dishonesty, pretense, or impersonation If found will be imprisoned for two years or pay a fine of #500,000 or both these are the rules that must abide by.

For this reason, we advise you not to apply because if you succeed, you can’t retain your cover forever, government must discover the misconduct in one way or the other. So you don’t just have to apply for a loan you need to know the things that are involved the terms and conditions the duration of the entrance.

Equal right to access loans

There are equal rights to access the federal government student loans because its purpose is to provide access to all citizen good education, the act is fixed eligibility for all to receive the loan once the requirement of loan is established by the Nigerian educational loans fund.

Meanwhile, the loan is an interest-free loan, you will not be required to pay any interest because it’s structured by the federal government to provide funds available for citizens who wish to further their education at institutions of higher learning in different Federal Government institutions.

Therefore students who are interested in furthering their education in the tertiary institution and would like to be a beneficially of the fund should pay adequate attention.

Purpose of the loans

The Federal Government has created this Avenue to encourage my students not just on scholarships but also some of them may not be fortunate enough to get scholarships. Also, the aim of this role is to encourage those who are brilliant and smart enough to avail themselves in the colleges but lack the financial empowerment to do so.

Similarly, this loan is meant for every citizen who is residency in Nigeria, permanent, or people who are based in the country, The assistance comes with the terms and conditions which is mentioned below,

Method of Application

The mode application and duration of federal government student loans and all things involved in this loan that you need to know so let’s get started,

Below are the important lines to take note of on 2023 Federal government student loans they include:

  • How the loan will be offered,
  • When to start repayment,
  • Who are needed as guarantors,
  • Student loan requirements,
  • Loan application websites,
  • Eligibility criteria,

Functions of the federal government are student loan aims loans, interest attachment and punishment for loan defaulters, a list of individuals appointed to supervise and monitor students’ compliance, and reasons for disqualifying applicants.

However, the bill, states that if interested students correspond to the above or within the listed condition. The student applying for the loan under this act must apply through to the chairman of the bank to the respective institution if they have satisfied all required conditions mentioned below.

The aimed student must have secured admission into any of the desired Nigerian institutions such as Federal or State-owned universities, Federal Polytechnics Federal College of Education, or any TVET (Skills acquisition center) managed by the government of the federation to access the federal government students loans.

Requirement for the Loans

Students who intend to be an applicant income or family income must not be less than 500,000 naira per annum which means the applicant of the parents or the guidance who will stand as a guarantor is expected to be someone that earns up to 60,000 Naira a month.

  • The applicant’s parents or anyone who wishes to sign as guarantor of this application should be a government worker/civil servant,
  • Also, the applicants should provide at least two other civil servants as guarantors who are not less than 12 years in service,
  • A serving lawyer with not less than 10 years post-called experience in the judiciary or Justice of peace.

Membership of the Special Committee

  • The function of the fund includes
  • Implementation of the provision of the act
  • Supervise, coordinate, administer, and monitor the management of student loans in Nigeria
  • Receive applications for student loans through higher institutions in Nigeria on behalf of the applicants, and screen the applicants to ensure that all the requirements stated for the grant of student loans under this Act are satisfied in compliance with the provision of the Act.
  • Approve and disburse loans to qualified candidates/ applicant
  • Control monitor and coordinate the student loan account or funds through domicile with the Central Bank of Nigeria to ensure that all compliance is met in respect of the agreement written by this law
  • The function also is to monitor the academic record of the beneficiaries and the grantees of the loan to obtain information on their yearly graduation and National Youth Service employment to ensure that all the beneficiaries of the loan commence repayment of the loan as soon as they graduate and passed out from their NYSC after two years.
  • Liaise with the employer of the grantees of the beneficiary to conclude documentation with the employer to ensure that all the required sum of money to be deducted from the beneficiary’s Salary are remitted into the fund account as directed by this committee
  • They are to provide financial advice on educational matters to institutions of higher education and to parents and educational investors.
  • Ensure adequate security on any loan granted
  • Engage and participate in all banking businesses
  • Exercise legal rights towards recovering all the loans and ensure the provisions of the Act are met.
  • Quarterly issues a report to the president on the performance of the students who are enjoying Federal government student loans.
  • Without any issue, the provision of this art and any enhancement provide rules and guidelines including the method of application to ensure better performance at all times and prevent the emergence of ghost student applications.
  • Employ and pay the stars of the fund salaries and other beneficiaries using the scale as applicable to the industry and similar status
  • Enter into and negotiation agreement and contractual relationship such as may be necessary or expedient for the performance of the function of this commission
  • Conduct a study research investigation that may for the day dummy for the art element of the goal development of the student loan regime in Nigeria
  • The committee must do anything necessary required to be done to make sure that the performance of this function is facilitated

The function of load membership of the special committee tenure of office reception from office power to alter or give directive allowances expenditures source of fund aim and objective of fund eligibility of applicant disqualification method of application disbursement the pay application of public officers

Protection Act annual report servicing provision interpretation citation these are the table of contents so let’s start the Earth an act 2 to repel the Nigerian educational bank at cope number 104 law of federal federation of Nigeria 2024 2024 and Tennessee or student loan to access to Higher Education Act 2023

However, to provide easy access to higher education for indigent Nigeria to the interest of freeload from the Nigerian education loan fund established in the act with a view to provide education for all Nigeria and related matters these are the sections of the commencement are as follows consequently the provision of the act and attends and laws

This act shall apply to all matters pertaining to all applications and Grant of loans to Nigeria seeking higher education institutions of higher learning in Nigeria through the Nigerian education law number two subject to the provision of any other citation for all students seeking higher education in any public institution higher of line or higher learning in Nigeria shall have equal rights to access this Federal Government loan under the section

The federal government student loan poses no discrimination such as region, gender, tribe, position, disability, or any manner of discrimination for anyone who is interested in applying for a loan referred to the act shall be granted to students only for payment of tuition, no feeling, no accommodation, and no other school expenditure is included

Federal Government Student loans Requirements

Requirements for students who are interested in this role are as follows grants of loans by the Federal Government of Nigeria

  • Its indigenous student
  • All applicants must satisfy the requirements and conditions


Eligibility of Interested students who wish to apply for the loan under this act must apply as provided under section 17 of the Eligible of Applicants Act by satisfying the following Conditions:

Any applicants who are interested must have secured admission into any of Nigeria University Polytechnic College of Education federal or vocational schools established by the Federal Government or any government of the Federation

  • Any applicant interested must have an income or family income which must not be less than 5,500 thousand per annum
  • All interested applicants must provide at least two characters and each of the guarantors
  1. Must be a civil servant of a level not less than 12 in service
  2. a lawyer with at least 10 years of post-call experience
  3. Judiciary officer or
  4. Justice of peace second

Disqualification of Student

An applicant may be disqualified from accessing the Federal Government student loans

  • When he is proven to have defaulted in respect of any previous loan granted by any registered organization
  • If he has been found guilty of exam malpractice by any school authority
  • If he is convicted of a felony or any offense involving dishonesty or fraud
  • If he has been convicted of a drug-related offense

When we discover that parents of such interested applicants have defaulted in respect of student loans or any other loan granted to them by any manner

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