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Scholarship in Sweden: Fully funded Master’s Degree

Scholarship in Sweden

Full master’s Scholarship in Sweden, If you are desiring to further your career on scholarship, then this post will offer a great opportunity to grab all the help you need with funding your master’s degree program. Studying abroad for your master’s degree program on scholarship is very possible and the hour is now.

An applicant can gain international experience and exposure while studying abroad, also this opportunity will make you unleash your potential in an environment that is designed to make you great in life.

Notwithstanding how many efforts you have been or steps you have taken to pursue your master’s degree program. your time has finally arrived. We understand all the considerations and unsuccessful attempts you have engaged in before.

Therefore the application process can be overwhelming and confusing yet you will get all the help/assistance you need here. However too much information and step that you don’t understand how or where to start from can discourage you but let not your heart fail you anymore, you are on point.

In this article, we have broken down the steps in bits to enable you to understand the entire Master’s degree program starting from admission and the scholarship in Sweden application process step by step for you.

Scholarship in Sweden

Eligibility and requirements

Before you apply you must possess a Bachelor’s degree because HND will not qualify you except you have your postgraduate diploma to apply for a Master’s program in Sweden. Only first-class and second-class lower divisions are accepted for the scholarship.

You as well need to have at least 2 years of working experience to qualify for the opportunity. Prove your interest in Masters’s degree program, not a PhD because the scholarship for meant for only Masters’s degree only.

Here are many opportunities for scholarships in Sweden that will benefit lots of international students to apply for. We will bring some of those institutions to you from which you can pick a choice to enable you to proceed to study for your master’s degree program.

Work and Study Opportunities in Sweden 2023

Malmo University Scholarship in Sweden

A renowned Swedish Institution that offers admission for the 2023-2024 academic year. Malmo University focuses on programs related to international relations, migration studies, political science, media, and technology at both undergraduate and graduate levels. However, The University also has a low acceptance rate of 35%.

The cost of the application fee is SEK 900 for international students, and a minimum IELTS Academic score of 6.5 is required to be eligible for admission. Some scholarships in Sweden that are administered by Malmo University are as follows

  • Malmo University Masters’s Scholarship
  • Swedish Institution Scholarship
  • Malmo University Excellence Scholarship.

Malmo University and Many other scholarship applications for the academic year 2023 will resume intake of new students at least by April 2023. Meanwhile, all interested applicants should start on time to send their applications. Because the admission application deadline is 16 January 2023, for earlier 2023.

Karlstad University Scholarship in Sweden

Karlstad University is one of many great places of learning in Swedish Universities. However, it opened already for new admission but its scholarship is processed after you are admitted into the school.

Karlstad University scholarship application will open to offer admission both for Undergraduate and graduate degree programs in humanities, social science, arts, and technology studies. Also, the acceptance rate for this Karlstad University is about 34%

These are the following scholarship that Karlstad offers to indigenous and international students for both undergraduate and graduate:

  • KARLSTAD University Global Scholarship
  • Scholarship Offered by the Swedish Institution.

Furthermore, the Scholarship in Sweden application fee is again SEK 900, and an IELTS minimum score is 6.5. Meanwhile, the scholarship administered by Karlstad University is listed above you.

Jonkoping University Scholarships

The Jonkoping University Scholarship offers a limited number of scholarships to students who pay tuition fees and who fulfill the requirement of the scholarship in Sweden and are assessed to be able to complete their studies adequately

The Application for Scholarship in Swede
The Scholarship application for Autumn 2023 begins on 17 October 2022 – 15 April 2023

Note, Jonkoping University Scholarship is offered based on the student’s academic merit, That is to say, the University uses the emphasis on student academic excellence to award scholarship offers. Furthermore, the scholarship will cover part of the student tuition fees for both undergraduate (bachelor) and Master’s(graduate).

Jonkoping University offers several scholarships in their institution which include as follows:

  • Scholarship from Jonkoping University for all Non-EU/EAA Nations
  • Swedish Institution Scholarship
  • Global Grant
  • Global Minded Leader Scholarship
  • Country-Specific Scholarship.

Chalmers University of Technology

How to Apply for Chalmers Graduate Scholarships:

All interested applicants should be fulfilling the eligibility requirements for the Master’s programs and their applications will be considered if they meet with final processing. Charlmer Scholarship application requires to be applied online while the process if it corresponds with their expectations for master’s programs at Chalmers University admissions.

Therefore, you have to submit all required documents to confirm your eligibility and prove that you have paid the application fees. We will offer students who wish to study on scholarships in Sweden all the assistance they will need. Also, we will encourage them to apply for this scholarship on time before the deadline approaches. Sending your application on time will enhance enough time for the examiners to cross-check your assessment carefully.

Furthermore, whether you submit your application on time or later is not the criteria to justify receiving a scholarship in Sweden but meets all the scholarship requirements. Please be reminded that you first need to apply online for master’s program admission on the Chalmer website at the before expecting any scholarship.

However, you will be gifted with an 8-digit application number which you will need to complete the scholarship application. The application for
admission will kick off beginning from November 2022 for 2023 admission

Take note, that you will not get the scholarship in Sweden application considered if you did not pay the fee or did not upload all necessary required documents listed below. Also if you receive an admission offer, you are expected to confirm that you accepted the Scholarship in Sweden before the deadline notified on the page.

The available scholarship and Requirements include:

The Avancez Scholarship

The IPOET( International Programme Offices for Education and Training) Scholarships

The Sievert Larsson Scholarship Funds

Adelbert Study Scholarships

Swedish Institution Scholarship for Global Professionals.

Blekinge Institution of Tehnology/Blekinge Tekniska Hogskola (BTH)

Blekinge Institution is a renowned Scholarship in Sweden University in BTH University and is set and open for new student intake for admission in 2023. The school offers admission along with Scholarships for bachelor, Master’s, and Docratete degree programs.

Blekinge is a great admission and scholarship to offer indigenous and international students admission offer to study the chosen course in their applied department.

To be considered for admission or subsequently, you need to pay the application fee for this University, which is SEK 900 for students that are non-EU applicants. The further interested applicant is expected to score 6.0 or 70, this is the minimum requirement to be qualified and eligible for admission.

The list of scholarships that BTH University offers are:

  • BTH scholarship program for prospective students
  • Swedish Institution for Globa Professional (SISGP)
  • The Visby Programme
  • Swedish Institute Scholarship for South Africa (SISSA)
  • SI Scholarship for Western Balkans and Turkey
  • Other country-specific Scholarship programs.

Take advantage of this scholarship opportunity at Blekinge Institution of Technology to further your career. The deadline for submitting an admission application is 1st February 2023 for the academic year of 2023.

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