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Ehsaas scholarship online application 2024/2025

Ehsaas scholarship online application

Ehsaas scholarship online application 2024 /2025 is a joint project of the Higher Education Commission(HEC) and the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP). Therefore, that is a scholarship contribution to assist poor and average individuals who are disadvantaged to obtain higher education due to a lack of financial aims. In other words, Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarships Project (EUSP) is a Scholarship that contributes to poverty alleviation by the Commission.

This assistance provides funds to support/enable poor students whose families are unable to afford higher education to pull themselves and their families out of poverty. The Ehsaas scholarship online application 2023/2024 for the undergraduate program offers opportunities to students seeking access to higher education.

The scholarship project support candidates from poor families. Meanwhile, but are talented potential undergraduate students from low-income families in Pakistan, especially women and the person with different abilities.

Ehsaas scholarship online application offers 50% of the scholarship which will be reserved for females and 2% for students with special brilliant students in needs. How to Apply for the Ehsaas Scholarship 2023/2024 Project is aimed at offering about 50,000 qualified citizens who are interested in providing different higher education programs with merit and in need of scholarships or career sponsorship in 4 to 5 years.

The scholarship covers the tuition fees plus a stipend to cover living expenses, for qualified interested applicants from low incoming families to study in any public sector through Higher Education Institutions for all qualified candidates who are citizens of Pakistan. The offers involve citizens from Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltism.

How to Process Ehsaas Online Scholarship Application 2023/2024

The Ehsaas scholarship online application represents a paradigm shift in the policies of the Pakistan national government. Meanwhile, apart from financial assistance schemes to alleviate poverty in Pakistan by empowering and providing higher education to citizens to support their families.

The Education Undergraduate Support Program is focused on the most critical segment. That is to say, the program is meant to cover 4-5 years for all interested undergraduate programs, which is created to add the most eliquate expected lifetime income of the scholarship students.

All interested citizens of Pakistans who are ready/ qualified for the Ehsaas scholarship online application 2023/2024 and other permanent residents who are qualified can participate in excise. However, Ehsaas Scholarship Online Application 2023/2024 should apply directly on the scholarship online website portal which is ( on time before the deadline expires.

Therefore, all applicants are mandated to submit all the necessary required documents that will establish evidence of their families’ income like the monthly statement and daily wage payments.

Besides, the candidates should make sure that the salary evidence should bear a signature or signed letter from their employer, payment record, etc. However, all original/hard copies of the document will also be constructed before or at the time of the interview.

Furthermore, the applicants are expected to provide a copy of their application along with the supporting documents which are required to be delivered by the higher institution/ University. Also, the e-portal link as mentioned earlier is

Ehsaas the Scholarship Result 2023 For Selected Candidates List

All applied students should check their names to see if they have been selected through the displayed merit list for Ehsaas Scholarship online application. Because thousands of number candidates also applied8 for the Ehsaas scholarship. However, those candidates are also waiting to be announced as successfully selected applicants, especially on the merit list of their different chosen universities/higher institutions.

However, multiple universities have indicated an interest in Ehsaas scholarship Online application for 2023/2024.

Also, You may be interested in Foreign Scholarship for Pakistan as a complement to the Ehsaas scholarship Online Application 2023. Further, students also have the right to visit the Vice-Chancellor’s office in case of complaints. scholarship 2023. Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship is designed to help merit students who desire educational assistance in paying their tuition fees.

Likewise, successful students can still get jobs for earning extra income to keep supporting themselves by bearing the expenses of domestic upkeep and accommodation. Consequently, parents who lack money to admit their children into the Bsc for a four-year program due to lack of financial aid.

However, this is one of the reasons why the Ehsaas Scholarship is a wave of light to poor though deserving students who have realized their academic dreams into reality.

Scholarship for Undergraduate Students for a 4 year Bsc Program on Merit List

Higher Education Commission for Pakistan Ehsaas scholarship Online Application has decided to replace the bachelor’s program and adopt Bs Four or five years study program. Additionally, all universities in Pakistan are qualified to enroll Students in the BS program. Therefore, many students and applicants for higher education can’t bear the expenses and fees of universities.

The federal government in conjunction with HEC has provided a solution to this problem to introduce The Ehassa scholarship online application for 2023/20024. Also, Students of Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, KPK, GB, Ex, FATA, and also AJK will get Ehsaas scholarships for Undergraduate scholarship to afford their study, personal, and other student expenses. If you are interested and eligible to Apply for the Ehassa undergraduate scholarship 2023/2024 then go on to do so.

Nevertheless, if you emerge successfully and are selected that way as a beneficial applicant you have the opportunity to obtain a monthly stipend/allowance. Hence, the financial support will enable the students in order for them to fill/pay their educational dues.

Regardless, Ehassa scholarship online application is only for regular students but, Students who are studying on open merit can as well get Ehsaas undergraduate scholarship and stand the opportunity of 50% of seats specified for girls students of Universities.

Ehsaas Scholarship Online Application Final List

Ehsaas scholarship final merit list is available for you if you qualified for it, Moreso, Different universities in Pakistan are displaying their merit list of the Ehsaas scholarship undergraduate program 2023. Get Ehsaas undergraduate scholarship to continue your study, most public universities in Pakistan have completed and closed all forms of new student scholarship registration.

Eligibility for Ehsaas scholarship online application 2023/2024

All interested applicants should submit completed application forms along with the required documents to the Financial Aid Office of the respective university till the last date. We will only accept online application forms, so please do not send applications to HEC or BISP directly.

Ehsaas scholarship online application 2023/2024 date has been extended to November 30, 2023, the application link is here:

  1. 50,000 scholarship per annum
  2. 200,000 undergraduate scholarship 4 years
  3. 50% of seats reserved for Girls
  4. Full tuition fee
  5. Monthly Stipend
  6. Special Preference for disabled and students belonging to underprivileged areas
  7. Deserving students from low-income families,
  8. Undergraduate students enrolled in affiliated public sector universities are eligible to apply
  9. Also, students who got admission on a merit basis in shortlisted public sector’s respective universities are eligible to apply for Ehsaas scholarship online application, visit our website for more info.

Ehsaas Program Online Registration 2023
Ahsas Program 2023 was a key initiative of the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) and Higher Education Commission (HEC).

List of Those Who Can Apply for Ehsaasscholarship online application

All newly accepted students of fall 2022-2923 in HEC-recognized public sector university

Students fulfilling the criteria of need and provide authentic information required under the project’s policy.

Admission is secured on merit only, However, this means that the student has fulfilled all the admission requirements of the institution in which the student has selected to study.

Also, Degree programs are allowed by the HEC

The age limit set by the institution’s regulation like the age criteria for to be in line with scholarship age eligibility to be able to apply for admission to undergraduate programs.

Ineligibility Conditions

Below are criteria and punishments that can befall any person if found to be ineligible after they have been admitted into Ehsaas scholarship online application, these conditions will make any students who presented faulty/forged documents to be considered eligible for the program

  • Availing of any other scholarship or continuous grant.
  • Students holding associate degrees, if such newly students enrolled in a lateral undergraduate degree program like semester are also ineligible
  • Enrolled in distance learning programs and affiliated colleges either private college or public ones.
  • Any students that are in their second year of the post-secondary school level or any equivalent program, even if its two hundred level associated degree program, either a master’s or that of the nomenclature of BA/BSc programs will not be considered eligible for Ehsaas scholarship online application and will be sanctioned any time they are later discovered.
  • Secured admission on a self-sustain/self-support/self-finance basis or in the evening program with any institution that charges a higher tuition fee structure.

How to Apply for Ehsaas Scholarship Online Application 2023

Students holding associate degrees, if such newly students enrolled in a lateral undergraduate degree program like semester are also ineligible

Female students will be offered 50% of scholarship provisions. However, the Ehsaas scholarship online application is applicable to Pakistan’s leading public sector or non-profit sector colleges and universities.
Now, all interested candidates can apply for the scholarship through our official page earlier written above. To apply you need to visit the official website of the Higher Education Commission or apply online.

Therefore, the Ehsaas scholarship program cover tuition fees and stipends, The program will also offer a need-based scholarship to deserving student of the undergraduate degree program.

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