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China Scholarship for International Students 2024/2025

China scholarship

China Scholarship for international students 2024/2025 is a platform sponsored by the Chinese government that is providing academic funds to Asia/international students. Eligibility for Chinese scholarship is for students that possess incredible academic excellence for the year 2024-2025. like Zhejiang Normal University and many others. The Chinese government Scholarship Council is proving funding to international Students to fund and sponsor their free education.

This fund will cover free residence/accommodation, health care funds, and allocations of monthly stipends. This China scholarship is a part of the numerous initiatives that have been taken for the internationalization of Chinese education funds. However, below are the list of Best China scholarship institutions that offer scholarships for the year 2023-2024

List Chinese schools for International StudentS AND COURSES OFFER

  • HUAGZHOUG University of Science and Technology
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
  • University Of Science & Technology of China, CAS
  • Zhejiang University
  • Nanjing University
  • Fuan University
  • Sun Yat-sen University
  • University of Chinese Academy Of Science.
  • Huagzhong University Of Science and Technology.

These are the major courses for the offer of China Scholarship are Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Automation/Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering/Electronic and Information Engineering/Telecommunication Engineering/Electrical Engineering and Automation/Medical Information/Statistics/Business Management/English/Sociology/New Media Communications

Hunan Scholarship

Major Course: International Economics and Trade/Business Management
Bachelor’s Degree, 4-year Duration
Original Tuition Fee: CNY 18000/Year

1 CNY 15000/Year
2 CNY 9000/Year, so it’s 50% tuition free.


Major: Business Administration/ Hospitality Management/ Finance
Bachelor’s Degree, 4-year duration
Original Tuition Fee: CNY 24000/Year

China Scholarship

  • Free Tuition, accommodation, and insurance fee with a CNY 1200/Month life stipend.
  • Free Tuition and insurance fee with a CNY 1200/ month life stipend.
  • Free tuition and insurance with a 600/month life stipend.
  • Free tuition and insurance fees.
  • . CNY 1200/month life stipend, ETC.


Zhejiang Normal University Scholarship 2023-2024 is offered to international Students. However, it is a well know great way for non-Chinese students to study in China free of tuition cost. This very opportunity is being offered by the Chinese Government and other agencies like China Scholarship Council (CSC), CAS-TWAS Scholarship, and other China Scholarships.

Major course: Chemical Engineering and Technology/Mechanical Engineering/ Electrical Engineering and Automation/Computer Science& Trade/International Economy and Technology/Software Engineering/ Civil Engineering/Pharmaceutical Engineering/Law/Environmental/International Economy Trade (Chinese Business) International Economy and Trade/Finance

  • Bachelor degree. 4-year duration Original Tuition Fee: CNY 18800/Year
  • Scholarship CNY 2000/Year, so it’s tuition free.

China Scholarship Eligibility

Eligibility Criteria to apply for Zhejiang Normal University Scholarship. The applicants will have to take time to through the eligibility criteria carefully to determine whether or not they are qualified to apply for the scholarship.

  • The applicants must be non-Chinese and healthy.
  • The applicants need to be proficient in the language in which their intended degree program is taught. This varies from program to program and university to university.
  • Applicants must have passed all the subjects in high school with flying colors before they start applying for their bachelor’s.
  • The applicant must not be above the age of 30 years.
  • Also, the person who wishes to apply for a master’s program needs to have a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate subject area and must be below the age of 32 years.
  • Applicants applying for Ph.D. in the Zhejiang normal university must have a master’s degree in a relevant subject area and must be below 40 years of age.
  • The applicants must be meeting the eligibility criteria of the university and program they are applying to.
  • Applicants must not be receiving any other government scholarship at the time of applying to the Zhejiang Normal University Scholarship.

Zhejiang Normal University Scholarship

Furthermore, follow these step to step guides on how to apply to the Zhejiang Normal University Scholarship

  • First, locate and fill out the online application form at Zhejiang normal university admission portal
  • Also, find Zhejiang normal university international student office website and look for application instructions and follow those to submit your scholarship application.

Tips to Note: Everyone who is applying to Zhejiang Normal University: The Zhejiang Normal University in the bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs should be aware that the period of scholarship duration is four years.

Meanwhile, for other applicants who may have enrolled in any other kind of scholarship program teaching Chinese language or any other relevant subject at this University, their program duration is within one year.

On the other hand, concerning those students who have been contributing largely toward international education at the Zhejiang Normal University and the exchange students their grant duration is also one year.

Where and when to apply for the CAS-TWAS Chinese Scholarship 2022-2023 Program. Individuals who wish to pursue their career at the CAS-TWAS Chinese Scholarship can submit their application and any question related to the scholarship.

Types of China Scholarship Offers

China Scholarship Council short form CSC, The council offers scholarships that are open to all Chinese Students as well as all international Students who desire to pursue their higher institution careers in Chinese universities.

Therefore, if you wish to study in China, this scholarship is also meant for you if you meet all the required criteria For instance, you will have to fill out an online application form.

Then, you will select one out of the about 250 Chinese universities that are offering the course/program you wish to study on a CSC scholarship.

Jiangsu Government Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded will cover, the beneficially full tuition cost, admission registration, the laboratory experiment, internship, hostel accommodation, medical insurance, and all necessary textbook for the primary /core studies.

These grants are funded by Jiangsu Provincial Government as their support in helping the less financially privileged student accomplish their quest for high learning.

Hubei Provincial Scholarships:

Hubei Provincial Scholarship is available to very students who wish to study at Hubei University in any course of their choice in either their bachelor’s Master’s or doctoral degree programs. Because it’s a scholarship funded by the University of Hubei.

If only available to you if you are studying in the institution. Hubei Provincial scholarship scheme will bear the responsibility for covering the expenses of the tuition fees.

They will be providing you with textbooks, accommodation, and other material requirements as a participating student in the Hubei University scholarship.

Guanxi Government Scholarship for ASEAN students:

The year 2010, the people Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in China set up Guanxi Government Scholarship for ASEAN Students. The primary aim of the program was to support other international communities in funding students from Asian Countries who aspire to study at any of Guangxi’s Universities.

However, the scholarship program was Basically to fund international students for their bachelor, master’s, or Ph.D. The China scholarship is meant to cover tuition fees and textbooks. Also, every other teaching and learning expense including accommodation with medical insurance together with living expenditures, like monthly stipends.

Confucius Institution Scholarship

Furthermore, Confucius Institution Scholarship offers about seven different types of scholarship all for international students who are between the age of 16 and 35 of years. The beneficiaries must be students of any of the China universities. However, the scholarships are for both undergraduate and graduate degree students, they will cover the tuition fees expenses, and accommodation fees together with a monthly stipends allowance and medical insurance.

Biomedical Science Scholarship

The China scholarship is offered only for science students at either Zhejiang University or the University of Edinburgh (ZJE). Also, a biomedical science scholarship is only available for students offering to study bachelor’s degree programs in Biomedical science course.

However, the scholarship is open to all international students who are studying bachelor’s degree in Integrative Biomedical Science course or a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Informatics course at either of the above-mentioned universities.

The Biomedical Science Scholarship will cover for all awardees the full or half tuition fees, accommodation fees, and medical insurance. Also, all beneficiaries will be receiving stipends of ¥17,000 for allowance every year throughout their study years.

Every applicant will have to create an online account on the USTC or CAS application website. Then you can carefully follow the steps that are provided in filling out the fellowship application form.

Also, This application form will allow all applicants to submit their form with a provision for adding all the required documents to support it. However, all applicants are advised to submit their forms on time.

It’s better and easier to early so that referees and your application supervisors are also allowed enough time to assess your application. Furthermore, the applicant will have to send their letter of application and supporting documents early so that their recommendation remark can follow suit.

Then, after your scholarship has been accepted and possibly approved. all these

These Scholarship coverage/values

The Scholarship will cover the tuition fee for the recipients. Also, its value is categorized into the following bases depending on the applicant’s level of study. That is to say, your choice of course in the categories of your programs may determine what you enjoy while on the scholarship.

Monthly stipends will be paid either for all fully funded recipient years involve does count provided it is within the scholarship’s fixed duration.

Free accommodation will be allocated to all recipients.

Tuition fees will be waived off

The Medical fund will be granted.
The professor may provide extra financial support.


After preparing all the required documents, the applicants can attach them to the application form and send them to the address provided by the institution. The result of your application will be displayed on the website or sent to your email address.

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