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Canada Visa 2023: How To Apply For A New Work Permit

Canada Visa

Seeking a Canada visa passport you need to learn how to apply for a work permit or a visiting Canada visa. Focus is key if you have any interest in traveling to Canada for work or residence, This article is a good guide to start work processing your trip aboard.

Canada is among the safest countries in European countries with thriving economic growth that is now ranking 14th in global size. We have put up this write-up to offer you all the necessary guidance to help you before or during your application for a Canada work permit or visit visa.

In reserve, Canada visits and work visa is a fascinating write to help you acquire all the information and knowledge you need on your travel quest to Canada particularly. It’s very important you have ideas for all you are expected to know about the Canada Visa application.

Therefore, if you understand whatever you need to do or what not to do before proceeding to apply for a visa to enter Canada.

However, Your Canada passport for travel(visit) or work permit visa is an essential document to be issued to you as you plan to migrate to Canada either for a visit or work. Those papers are being issued at the Canadian embassy office. They are attached together, it is officially referred to as a Temporary Resident Visa or work permit.

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How to apply for a work permit/ visit visa is part of the requirement you must provide all the necessary evidence to prove that you are qualified to migrate to the territory. Canada Visa, How to apply for a work permit/ visit visa is part of the requirement you must provide all the necessary evidence to prove that you are qualified to migrate to the territory.

Table of Contents Canada Visa

  1. How to Apply
  2. Types of Visa
  3. Eligibility
  4. Required document
  5. Cost of Visa Application
  6. Application Process
  7. Time for Visa Processing
  8. Conclusion

Two visitors visas for Canada types are listed as follows here

Single Entry Visa: Furthermore, you will need to apply to enter Canada as a temporary resident using a work permit visa or a student or visitor visa. Below here let us look into two different types of visitor/temporary visas.

Multiple Entry Visa: The Multiple Entry visa is granted to visitors which will enable them to stay longer than the single entry visa up to 10 years or less, depending on the expiration of the stated date during the visa/passport issue.

Eligibility for Canada Visa application requirements

  • Valid photograph passport
  • Proof that you must return to your own country on the date stated in your traveling passport.
  • You will be required to present the financial asset you are worth to sustain you during the period of your stay in Canada.
  • You will prove that your health is not threatened by running medical tests and showing the results.
  • Present police affidavits to prove you are free from any Criminal history or Immigration-related Convictions.
  • The intended duration of your stay and temporary residence.

Note, Above are most of the listed particulars you are expected to have available before or while applying for a Canada work permit or visit visa.

Documentation For a Canada work permit/Visit Visa

  1. Below are a few of the necessary documents that are very essential and part of the steps in applying for a Canadian work permit/visit Visa here is the list
  2. Bank statement of your account to prove that you have adequate assets to fund your stay in Canada for the period of time.
  3. The photograph you will present must not be more than 90 days after you took it.
  4. Other additional documents like age declaration, national identification, or statement of your permanent residence.
  5. 2 recent passport-size photographs with white backgrounds with no border
  6. Medical Clearance certificate from a government-recognized hospital.
  7. Copy of your return ticket or travel Itinerary.
  8. A sworn affidavit or proof of your employee, relative, or offer of admission to the state if you are going to return or stay for work or study.
  9. Identification to show that you are actually a citizen of the claimed nation.
  10. A valid passport with an expiry date that will not be more than 6 months.

What is the Cost of an Online Canada Visa Application

Canada visa will cost CAD $100 (about 5,200 INR) to apply for a visitor visa and the biometrics fee is CAN $85 (about 4,400 INR).

To extend your stay as a student, visitor, or worker, you need to pay a fee of C$100 or Rs5532.73 per person. Meanwhile, to restore your stay status as a visitor, employee, or student you will have to pay a visa fee of C$200 OR Rs11065.45.

Application Process For work permit/visit visa

  • Fill out a visa application form with the requested information and document, however, you may need extra guidance from a travel agent or lawyer embassy official.
  • Choose if you need to apply online or offline, and try to avoid multiple mistakes either offline or online.
  • Pay the visa processing fee using a certified cheque or bank draft for evidence.
  • Visit the nearest Canadian application office with your passport photograph, and other listed document above.
  • Perform biometrics, (finger thumbprint) and photo.
  • If you apply through the offline process, you have to submit your visa application form at the Canadian visa application center.
  • Get the receipt from the application center’s unique tracking number, for further clarification.
  • Then Use the unique number to track your Canada application after submitting it.

Time for Canada Visa Processing Period

The processing time for Canada Visa either for a work permit, study or visit is 15 days minimum. However, you need someone like us or anyone who is very familiar with visa processing in order to ensure your document is properly arranged well before submitting it to avoid denials.

  • Finally, after you, have applied for your visa your present may be required at the visa processing center. So you need to add your mobile phone number or email address, in case your attention is needed.
  • Make sure to find out when you need to come over for a visa interview.
  • Add all the information required
  • Get all the medical tests you were required to
  • Bring a police affidavit/crime-free certificate.

Also, other visa applications like business visas last up to 6 weeks or more during processing excises. While other temporary residence visa application takes about 26 to 20 days to be processed.

While applying for Canadian study, work permit, or visit online you need to get a credit card for your travel. and make sure you scan all your document before submitting them. Furthermore, for Children under the age of 18 or less, they need to also possess all the necessary documents the same as that of adults.


Because without all the right entry documents required as with adults, the immigration/border services officers might demand that the minor children should present such documents. Especially, if a child is travelling alone or even with someone leading him/her.

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