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Big Brother Titans Eviction: Blue Aiva dances out of the Biggie’s House

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Big Brother Titans eviction just seBlue Aiva was all smiles when she left the house, making the most of the situation. We think that’s the right attitude – her show isn’t over, yet. Blue Aiva Big Brother Titans 2023 Big Brother Titans live eviction shows always create tension for the nominated housemates.

Big Brother Titans Eviction

Blue Aiva, Nana, and Miracle OP are the latest to be evicted from the house. Once Lawrence and Ebuka announced their time was up, the housemates couldn’t help but gasp. They all said their goodbyes and made their way to the stage. Ebuka then asked each of them about their experience in the Big Brother Titans’ house.

Nana spoke about her relationship with the Blaqboi and who she would miss most in the house. Miracle OP spoke about how grateful he was for the opportunity to be on the show and how much he had learned about himself during his time in the house.

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The evicted housemates then said their final goodbyes to the audience and left the stage, ready to begin their new lives outside the Big Brother Titans house. Last Night/evening Blue, Aiva, Miracle, and Nana were evicted during Big Brother Tita’ns eviction for the season. house after they lost out during the viewer vote and nomination, these Latinas contestants left the house amidst tears and hugs with fake smiles from their fellow housemates and other invited guests.

However, in Big Brother Titans Eviction, last week which was week 100, Blue Aiva, Kanaga Jnr, Khosi, Miraclr OP Nana, Thabang, Tsatsii, and Yvonne were all nominated for eviction after a Head of House challenge that saw Blaqboi emerge as the HoH ( head of house) for the new week.

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Blue Aiva was the first housemate to be evicted from big brother titan’s house tonight. However, during their time in the season as a housemate, Blue Avia said that the night was going to be epic and thankful to Biggie for the opportunity and peace and excitement time, while she suffer the Big Brother Titans Eviction.

She had in the house. Meanwhile, on stage, Ebuka the moderator asked Blue Avia about her situation with Yemi Cregx and if she was comfortable being with the other girls in Biggie’s house. Similarly, Blue Avia responded that she was just having fun in the house and was only being a smooth operator.

After a few highlights of the tasks and party during the weekend, Nana was announced as the next housemate to be evicted for the week of Big Brother Titan’s Eviction. Meanwhile, Nana didn’t hug and housemate when she left. However, on stage with Ebuka and Lawrence, she claimed it would have made her emotional and she didn’t react as expected.

Similarly, speaking about Blaqboi, she claimed it was all a game and he was the unfortunate guy to fall into her game trap. She had decided before coming into the house that she would not date any Nigerian man and if any of the housemates came to her, she would only use him as a pawn.

On the other hand, Miracle OP was the last housemate to be chopped off. His eviction from the Big Brother Titans eviction may cause her to end up leaving his former lover/partner Khosi in tears as she said goodbye to him. Meanwhile, as he got on stage, Miracle OP was asked by Ebuka and Lawrence concerning his strained relationship with Yemi Cregx.

He said that he has already lost respect for Yemi after he got into the house because of some of his actions but he noticed a change in him before leaving the house and he did see a changed man upon his possible exit ahead of Big Brother Titans eviction soon.

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