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17 Best Strategies To Improve Weak Students To Become Better

Best strategies to improve weak students Among the few or majority of the people that need strategies to improve weak students are skillful teachers who possess the gift of special teaching intellectual abilities to handle slow learners, people popularly called vulnerable students. The set of individuals can be seen or found in every group or class. They are among church or religious worshippers, colleagues, professionals, students at all levels, teachers included.

Intractable to parents or common belief, every weak student can always learn to do better with the presents or availability of skillful teachers, be it in the regular classroom or private tutorials slow learning students are neither rare nor unique. Students who are considered as slow learners, cannot learn at an average rate using the instructional resource of strategies to improve weak students, through textbooks, workbooks, and more sensitive learning materials that are designed for the majority of weak students to focus on their studies.

These categories of individuals actually need serious and intensive help, especially with the use of strategies to improve weak students throughout all administered under conditions sufficiently flexible for learning for progress to occur. These categories of individuals actually need serious and intensive help, especially with the use of strategies to improve weak students all administered under conditions sufficiently flexible for learning for progress to occur.

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Slow learners, The slow learners are known as people who are normally taught in one of the two possible instructional arrangements below:

  • A class contained mostly intermediate students, in which case up to 20/% can be regarded as weak students.
  • Similarly, in a classroom that is completed of unhurried or weak learners, whether you meet slow learners in a standard class or a precise class, the teacher will immediately feel the challenge of meeting their learning needs.

The most obvious characteristic of slow learners is limited to the best strategies to improve weak students To Become Better if they lack focus, and no attention compared to more able students. Part of the recommended categories of best strategies to improve weak students To become better includes finding means to keep weak students busy with their studies. Being active by engaging in their learning process using any usual variation while teaching any course through the methods narrated here such as:

  • Direct, or indirect,
  • Classroom climate cooperative, competitive,
  • Instructional material: films, workbooks
  • Cooperative games, simulations.

#1. Compensatory Education Teaching Strategies

These are some of the strategies where a teacher or teachers use visual materials to present or represent the format or demonstrate their subject or their teaching narrate with adequate examples. This method of teaching is used by skillful or qualified teaching personnel helps to provide a clear picture or ideas to the student for them to understand the course.

Compensatory is an easy and improved technique for teaching weak students because it makes the subjects easy with alternative ways to simply get the lesson. A particular concept that will demonstrate the information as the best strategy to improve weak students’, also they are used for slow learner students who lack the ability to comprehend a certain skill, method, or concept.

The adaptation of compensatory educational teaching strategies offers supplementary programs or services which are designed as better strategies to improve weak students to be better in learning and fast progress. Slow learners are often at risk of cognitive impairment and low educational achievements leading to success.

You may see also

  1. Examples of Compensatory Teaching Techniques as Strategies To Improve Weak Students To Become Better as To allow a student who is facing difficulty writing issues to use speech recognition software that converts her own words to text.
  2. In addition, other examples of compensatory strategies includes-Writing things in a journal, taking breaks, or even hiring someone to take notes,(any student with a concentration impairment may devote their attention to one thing at a time instead of attempting to multi-task)

Therefore, the method of following the technique of compensatory education focuses on the individual students and the living and learning environment in which the weak student will now be able to interact with their fast and smart students through proponents of this teaching approach. However, if it is indeed true that lower-income children are deficient in basic processes of thought, construction of reality, problem-solving, and learning relative programs.

#2. Remedial Education Teaching Strategies

Most regular classrooms or private skillful teachers adopt remedial methods of teaching as a better alternative teaching approach that should be used in guiding or helping slow learners. That is one of the best strategies to improve weak students in other to learn better. Also, this technique is the use of activities, techniques, or practices to eliminate the lack of focus, weaknesses, or deficiencies that weak students have developed for themselves.

Remedial Education can be best described as developmental education, basic skills education, compensatory education, preparatory education, and academic upgrading strategies to improve weak students so that they can easily understand the lesson both theoretically and practically. These strategies should be used in teaching especially weak/slow learner sets of students to become better in their studies.

Consequently, remedial teaching education is encouraged because it aims to improve the skill, focus, or ability of every weak student s well as also uses various techniques. Therefore, teachers are elementary, basic, and secondary levels who is practicing these strategies have helped their students by solving the problem for their students.

Types of Remedial Education

  • Small group tutoring,(Students can form a study or reading group, club, or team to assist/support one another who are falling behind).
  • One-to-one Tutoring
  • Private Tutoring
  • Specialist Tutoring
  • Volunteer tutoring
  • Peer tutoring
  • Withdrawal
  • Computer-assisted interventions

However, there is an order for the process of remedial teaching?
Collecting and preparing the support materials, Adapting the Curriculum, and Choosing the appropriate teaching strategies.

Examples of Remedial Education

The examples of remedial teaching education strategies should include short- and long-term instruction goals, learning steps, exercises, and evaluations that are meant to ensure that the study curriculum is implemented, these examples include reading methods,

  • Encourage Daily Reading,
  • Concentrating on Comprehension,
  • Fun and practice games

These are some examples of remedial teaching strategies.

#3. Instruction Strategies for Weak Students

No method, strategy, or technique would ever be recommended as sophisticated enough or sufficient partner good as best strategies to improve weak students to become better, Be it as it may, the best suggestion will always be for the teacher to start their teaching first with knowing and understanding the student. This starting point for developing instructional strategies that specifically address the learning needs of weak students.

#4. Formulate a tutorial that will contain needs of the Students’ weaknesses, needs, and experience

A Teacher can create a particular lesson strategy, these method is used as strategies to Improve weak students to become better. However, the teacher should discover their student’s interests and then learn the formula that will help the students relax and feel free. Some of these incorporate instructions designed in a specific way bearing the interest of the weak learners’ attractions in mind.

Meanwhile, Oral or written, or inventories in which students indicate their weaknesses, hobbies, jobs, sports, or the unusual set of places they have gathered over the years. In order words, developing lessons that will include the student’s interest, and needs for adequate comprehension tends to pro the basic structures for the lesson plans, special projects, or extra-credit assignments in the year.

#5. Continually Change Your Instructional Strategy

These techniques help the students to get acquainted with any teacher slow learners feel free with the teacher if they change teachers or their teaching techniques often, everyone needs fresh air, fresh foods, and new partners of teaching strategies to improve weak students to become better. Switching from lecture to discussion to seatwork provides the variety that weak students need to remain committed to the learning process.

Who is a Weak/Struggling Student?

In every phase of life, among all doing, weak or slow learners are individuals whose expression or ways of performance always indicate low or poor. Also, this set of individuals is described as students who have the ability to learn any necessary academic or moral skills. There’s always a need for extra assistance or strategies to improve weak students to become better.

However, bits of help from qualified and skillful teachers at a rate and depth below normal can lift them beyond average among same-age peers. Again, part of the most recommended strategies to improve weak students to become better is that the students need more time, more repetition, and often more resources from teachers to be successful.

Some Characteristics of Weak Students with new strategies to improve weak students to become better

  1. Functions at ability significantly below grade level
  2. He/she has difficulty following multi-step directions
  3. Lives in the present and does not have long-range goals
  4. Has few internal strategies(like organizational skills transferring/generalizing information.)
  5. Weak or slow learner often scores consistently low on achievement test
  6. Works well with hands-in material(such as labs, crafts, and activities)
  7. Has a poor self-image
  8. Works on all tasks slowly
  9. Mixing up with Bad peer groups
  10. Master skills skill slowly, some skills may not be mastered at all.

Do weak student learners have a learning disability?

No students ever possess a learning disability but most teachers are not qualified, skillful, or well-equipped enough to teach, there are a few things to point at why some students perform below average which we will state here, However, in as much as there are poor/slow learning students there are more teachers with poor, patience and weak teaching abilities.

Virtue possessed by slow learners to encourage the teachers to sort for strategies to improve weak students to become better:

  • Slow learners typically DO NOT have a disability, even though they need extra support
  • Cognitive abilities are too high to be considered for an intellectual Disability
  • Weak students tend to accomplish at their capability level, which is below intermediate.

Classroom Recommendations platform strategies to improve the weak students to become better

  • Repetition

The new strategy to improve weak students to become better is for the teacher to act like he/she is saying the same thing over and over again with this classroom recommendation which helps a lot.

  • Differentiated Instruction Tutoring

A skillful teacher important that helps in improving weak students to become better is the concepts and it also leaves out some of the less focused activities in the life of slow learners. This helps will definitely, help both the teacher as well as the weak students in filling gaps in basic skills and it helps a student stay caught up

  • Peer Tutoring

It is of the most effective strategies for weak learners to study with their classmates, fellow students, or senior colleagues. Weak students tend to perform better when they are being taught through the peer tutorials

How to work with the best Strategies To Improve Weak Students To Become Better

  1. The parents, guardians, and teachers should sort for a private study environment for the students to be free or away from distraction, a quiet and peaceful place works better.
  2. Weak students do better whenever their teachers emphasize more on providing encouragement that would straighten them by using more praising words instead of rebuke, or condemnation, positive words support and reinforcement frequently.
  3. Many weak students often forget what they learn if the lesson lasts longer than expected by them, for that reason teachers or tutorial masters would endeavor to make the lesson period short with limited classwork to avoid them being distracted from the little they have captured.
  4. Making studying time lively and fun is also a good strategy to improve weak students to become better in their academic activities, adding variety to teaching and learning routines goes well with slow learners. Engaging the classroom with activities like educational games, stories, puzzles, and other strategies as techniques or interaction can keep slow learner students busy than tired or distracted as much as possible than boring straight teaching.
  5. If the weak students must perform academic activities like classwork, or take home assignments that require intellectual engagement, the teacher should pay much attention to them if they are expected to see their success or that area.
  6. Working on assignments with materials or techniques that are somewhat challenging needs the teacher’s definite explanation or assistance from other smart students or it may be avoided.
  7. Teachers/Tutorial personnel should always make their lesson fun for the slow learner students to study with comfort, attitude with a very Positive expression is important to adopt.
  8. Using meaningful concrete activities as one of the best strategies to improve weak students to become better in their studies is suggested rather than being abstract as a skillful teacher.
  9. Give the students short specific directions and ask them to repeat them after you, Also, parents must work closely with the teacher and point out progress and report challenges before the students.
  10. Teachers are to support and encourage weak students by allowing them to explore areas of interest.

Bottom line

Many students may need extra tutorials or private lessons as academic support before they can progress in their study set-back, learning is too stressful for some children but discovering what they find fun doing and using that as a bet to approach so that they can see the importance of study and be fully benefit from academic instructions.

Meanwhile, as we discuss how different the reality and peculiarity of each student on how differently everyone’s brain works, we should as well consider that some teachers possess better skills and outstanding strategies to improve weak students become better in all their academic activities so some teachers differ from one another.

These pages cover a lot more new and best strategies we have implemented over the years which proved positive in my classroom and among other private students who came for the tutorial lessons which we have helps to improve their weak and slow learning deficiency now they are top student focusing on their study like every other intelligent smart student.

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