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5 Ways to Find Caregiver Jobs in Canada

5 Ways to Find Caregiver Jobs in Canada

To discover caregiver jobs in Canada, good success in your endeavor answers only a few courageous job seekers who are determined enough in their search then, you need to read this page to find out the full details because you need to acquire a work permit before applying for work.

If you are seeking Caregiver jobs in Canada you don’t only have to be courageous but joyful because that is one way to win employee love and trust. To start working as a strange, your employee needs a joyful place as you are dwelling with them.

However, temporarily as a caregiver through the TFWP if one of these applies to you. In addition, Find out how if you are eligible to apply for a work permit from inside or outside Canada.

How to prepare for caregivers jobs in Canada 2023

  • Choose the Type of Work Permit
  • Prepare all required documents for a work permit
  • Fill up the work permit Application Form
  • Pay Addition Permit Fees
  • Submit your Application to Canada Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

Because of global economic crises that have been available vacancies for workers who are interested to work as caregivers in jobs in Canada, the spaces came as a result of the migration of reasonable numbers of unskilled, skilled, and professionals who relocated from Canada last year 2022

Individuals that are planning on working in Canada as caregivers have to understand these five simple steps to take as they are considering working as caregivers jobs in Canada. Therefore, acquiring a work permit is the first/essential for your eligibility that will ensure that you are legally qualified to work in the country.

5 Categories of Caregiver Jobs in Canada

  1. Caring for Children
  2. Home Child Care Provider(New Caregiver program)
  3. Live-in Caregiver(Home Support worker)
  4. Caring for people with High Medical Needs
  5. Interim Pathway for Caregivers

New Caregiver Program in Canada

The caregiver jobs in Canada is a program designed for individuals who wish to participate in caregiver jobs in Canada, if a person is not a permanent resident in Canada they need to process a work permit/temporary visa before migrating to apply for work as a caregiver.

A new caregiver immigration pilot program has more changes in order words, it’s not a permanent caregiver job in Canada is not permanent work. However, the program has many good offers for all interested caregiver job seekers who are interested to apply.

Home Children Care Program

This category of caregiver is a five-year program that allows caregivers to migrate to Canada along with family members, However, this program will allow caregivers to eventually become permanent residents in Canada. For instance, applicants to be eligible for the Home Child Care program must have a job offer as a caregiver or have working experience in Canada.

Similarly, interested applicants should have the qualification to be able to work as experienced unskilled workers according to the NOC. Also, the applicant must possess a 1 year of working experience as

A Home Child Care Provider can be anyone providing care to children in a home including

  1. Babysitter
  2. Nanny
  3. Child-care live in
  4. Child-care provider in a Private home
  5. A Parent’s helper

Job Requirements

Before you are eligible to work as a caregiver anywhere in Canada as a Home Care Provider, as intending caregiver you need to pass and prove the following requirement besides the eligibility test

  • The job seeker must present evidence showing they have completed at least the Canadian Secondary School equivalent education
  • The care provider must also provide proof of appropriate training or experience as caregiver jobs in Canada.
  • He/She is required to have gained an appropriate understanding of what is expected of them like household management experience.

In some cases, first aid certification and cardiopulmonary resuscitation training may as well be required.

Caregiver jobs in Canada Duties

  • A home child Care Provider may have the following duties
  • Supervise and take care of children at their residence
  • Prepare and feed meals to children
  • Take care of infants by preparing formulas, changing diapers bathing, and dressing them.
  • The care provider must keep the child’s emotional well-being, that is to say, taking good care of the child along with their social development.
  • Maintain discipline as instructed by the parents of Gaudian
  • He/She should provide adequate educational training to the children. Also, take them to school and bring them back if required

Record Keeping of the children’s daily activities is also part of their duties.

Live-in Caregiver Program/Requirements

This program is available only for permanent residents in Canada not for anyone with a work permit temporary visa.

If You’re already working in Canada with a Live-in Caregiver Program work permit, You were approved for your first LCP work permit based on a labor Market Impact Assessment submitted to Employment and Social Development Canada on or before November 30, 2014.

There is an advantage if you have working experience in Canada as a caregiver but don’t qualify for either of the options above, you may be eligible to immigrate to Canada through a different program.

Eligibility Requirements

The new pilot will only allow interested workers who are already being offered to be the applicants qualified to apply for work permits in Caregiver jobs in Canada along with meeting all the required following eligibilities mentioned here:

  • You can apply if you are in Canada and eligible for a permit from inside Canada
  • You’re outside Canada and your employer applied for an LMIA before June 18, 2023
  • You will be allowed to work in Quebe.

However, you are not eligible to apply for new work if you are involved in cases like our employer applied for an LMIA on or after June 18, 2024

  • If you are applying for a work permit from outside Canada through the TFWP and
  • Do you plan to work in a province or territory other than Quebec
  • In most cases, to do caregiver jobs in Canada you can apply for a work permit to work in Canada temporarily as a caregiver through the temporary foreigner work permits(TFWP) if you are eligible the providing the following
  • You apply for a work permit at a point of entry on or after April 22, 2023.
  • You’re in Canada as a visitor and apply for your first work permit on or after April 22, 2024
  • Have language test results with a Canada Language Benchmark (CLB) in English/French

The applicant has one year of Canadian post-secondary education or has an equivalent foreign education Note Also:

  1. The applicant is admissible to Canada
  2. Caregivers who are working in Canada already may have to apply for permanent residence if they are operating with a work permit(temporary visa permit).
  3. However, anyone who is working in Canada with Canadian employers under the National Occupational Classification is eligible to apply for permanent residence through the Home Child Care Provider Pilot.

Also, Caregiver who has working experience under National Occupational Classification can as well apply for permanent residence through the Home Support Workers Pilot.

New Caregiver Program Features

In the new caregiver pilot immigration program the caregiver program is no longer employer-specific although it is still employer-driven, Also, this means caregivers still need Canadian employers to hire them but now employers are not required to undergo the LMIA process before they are employed as caregivers.

  • A caregiver has obtained a work permit under the Home Child Care Provider program, he or she can work with multiple employers same. similarly, if a caregiver obtained a work permit under the Home Support work pilot for the caring of patients or aged people with medical needs. The Caregiver job in Canada allows the worker to operate multiple employers in the same New caregiver to qualify for permanent residence in Canada.
  • Under the new Caregiver program, caregiver personnel is not bound to work for that specific employer or location once they receive their work permits and are free to work for any or as many employers or locations as they want or able with the same National Occupation Classification Code.

The new caregiver gives great flexibility in terms of changing the just quickly and removing the barriers that restraint the dependent family member of the caregiver from coming to Canada alone with the caregivers

Additional Infor. on Caregiver Jobs in Canada

  • Are caregiver jobs in Canada in great demand?
  • You know that additional help is always in demand whether it’s because of a busy job, a big task, or a difficult family or individual. In addition, there is an increase in demand for live-in caregiver jobs in Canada
  • Is there an age limit for caregiver jobs in Canada?
  • A caregiver post is regarded as an employment space that can be occupied by either a trainer or an untrained worker because there is no specific skill required before serving as a caregiver. There is normally no age limit for caregivers, Bear in mind that you can not work in Canada if you are below the age of 16 years or without your parent’s consent.
  • How many hours does a caregiver jobs in Canada
  • Officially, the caregiver put in 30 hours each week, except on mutual agreement between the employee and the caregiver personnel. Even yet, certain full-time caregivers are required to put in a minimum of 30 hours per week at the private residence where they are providing care.
  • Is IELTS required for caregivers in Canada?

Of course, a caregiver job in Canada must
pass either the IELTS or CELPIP exam in order to work as a caregiver in Canada. However, this is because your employer will usually need you to speak English in order to communicate with the individual or home you would be working in.

Immigration Pathways for Caregivers

It is available in 2 immigration pathways made specifically for caregivers, they are listed below read to learn more about them here!

The Home Child Care Provider
Home Support Worker Pilots

How to Apply for Caregivers jobs in Canada

Your employer will need to get a positive LMIA first, Once they have a positive LMIA can apply for a work permit here to enable them to qualify for Care provider faster.

5 Ways to Get a Work Permit for Caregiver Jobs in Canada

You need to understand the legal for an immigrant who wants to stay, work and get income while studying under the caregiver jobs in Canada procession by law. First and foremost, plan to get a work permit before visiting the country or applying for any job including Caregiver, here we have arranged 5 simple ways through which can you follow.

Make sure that you consider your eligibility

Qualifying for caregiver jobs by passing all the requirement is the first stage that will ensure that your eligibility and work experience allows you to work in Canada, However, the earliest way to have your eligibility test is by checking through a trusted consultancy such as CanadaCIS or read carefully the eligibility mention on this page above.

Choose the Type of work permit that you prefer to apply for

The work permit is an approval that qualifies you to do any job unskilled, skilled, or professional work anywhere in Canada, there are two different types of work permits that can be issued depending on your category of job hunting. If your goal is to work in Canada and eventually settle as a permanent resident or you are an employer-specific permit is the ideal option to apply for.

However, an open work permit is best if you don’t wish to settle permanently in Canada. The employer-specific permit, allows you to work for only one Canadian employer while an open-work permit enables you to work in as many places as you wish.

Gather Required Work Permit Documents

An applicant who is ready for care providers jobs in Canada need to know all the documentation they need to submit as a specific requirement for their permit, the Canadian immigration professional at the CanadaCIS which are ready to help you gather your required document and arranged them in order as easier experience towards the work you are seeking to get a work permit application for.

Fill Up Your Work Permit Application Form

After Your work permit has been approved and released you should get ready to fill it out accurately, Your application may be rejected if it is not fully completed or if some documents do not seem. Do not be scared immigration specialists are here to guide you through each and every section, question, and element of your application to ensure that there are no mistakes at all.

Pay Additional Permit Fees

When making your budget it is necessarily required that you should consider knowing how much that would be involved in processing your work permit application. You need to have an idea of how much it would cost you and also to estimate what work permit application fees will cost.

So, therefore, you can click the website here Canadian government website to find out if there are additional fees for the work permit of your choice, It’s important that you pay for these in order for them to process your work permit application.

How Much Can A Caregiver in Canada?

In Canada, a full-time caregiver with a year or years of experience will receive an average of $34, 125 annually, or $17.50 per hour. Similarly, most experienced or professional caregivers with skills can earn up to $45,045 per year, meanwhile, entry-level roles may start at $27,300.

Similarly, caregiver jobs in Canada is an excellent job in Canada for foreigners and it is a good choice if you are interested to work in the healthcare industry are as well open for the caregiver.

Conclusion on Caregiver Jobs in Canada

After submitting your application, all that you need to do more is patiently wait for authority to process your application, then if it is successful you will get a work visa before you can proceed to work in Canada as a Care provider.

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